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Zz'dtri new
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Drow Elf



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Green (As Ambassador Polozius)

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Linear Guild




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Zz'dtri was a drow who happened to wield two scimitars, and also managed to specialize in wizardry. He was a member of the Linear Guild, and the counterpart to Order of the Stick member Vaarsuvius.

Character HistoryEdit


Zz'dtri in his earlier appearance.

Zz'drti was first shown, in a non-speaking role, in comic #43, when the Order of the Stick opens a secret door and finds the Linear Guild for the first time. He was then introduced as the party wizard for the guild, and explained that the scimitars are standard issue for his race. He helped Haley, Vaarsuvius. and Sabine break into the air temple, then used a flesh to stone spell on Celia in order to neutralize her. The Linear Guild then stole the Talisman of Dorukan, and Zz'dtri helped them fly off with it.

After being stalled by the Order, he went into a one on one face-off with Vaarsuvius. He thwarted V's every spell, and was about to strike him/her/it down, when Vaarsuvius pointed out that he was "A violation of a certain popular fantasy author's intellectual property". The Lawyers then came and dragged Zz'dtri to parts unknown.

After a long absence from the story, Zz'drti unexpectedly reappeared to fight Vaarsuvius in the Empire of Blood, having disguised himself as the elven ambassador Polozius. After Haley, Elan, and V spotted Thog in the gladitorial arena and concluded that Nale must be around somewhere, they left in a hurry, worried about a member of the Linear Guild attacking them. At that moment Polozius appeared, using the flesh to stone spell on Haley before turning back into Zz'dtri and zapping V with a lightning spell. He later summoned his familiar, which turns out to be Qarr. V attempted to fight back, but ZZ'drti revealed that when he prepared his spells that morning, he planned around V's favorite attacks, in order to better defeat him/her. V then noted that Z had attacked Haley first, using Flesh To Stone to get her out of the fight, and realized that Zz'drti was uncertain of his chances against an archer.

V with his magic manipulated Yukyuk and with his crossbow managed to hit Zz'dtri. Right before falling unconscious and being arrested by the Imperial guards, he performed a Plane Shift and sent V and Yukyuk into the Semi-Elemental Plane of Ranch Dressing. After Nale's capture and subsequent release, however, Tarquin ordered Zz'dtri released into Nale's custody.

Zz'dtri was later seen with the Linear Guild in their search for Girard's Gate and subsequent encounter with the Order of the Stick. After the gate was destroyed by the Order, he and Nale murdered Malack, with Zz'dtri neutralizing his protection spell, resulting in him burning to death in the sun. However, in doing so, they freed a vampiric Durkon Thundershield from his thralldom with Malack. Free-willed, he immediately attacked Nale and Zz'dtri.

Zz'dtri was killed when Durkon snapped the drow's neck after knocking him out with Malack's staff.

Personality, Abilities, and TraitsEdit


Polozius's true nature revealed.

Zz'dtri was a drow elf (capable of resisting the majority of Vaarsuvius's spells), and was described as a Chaotic Good rebel looking to throw off the reputation of his race (as are all other members of his race)[1]. At this point, Haley Starshine interrupts, saying, "Evil kin? Didn't you just say they were all Chaotic Good? Nale blithely returns with, "Details". It is very likely that Nale was lying, however, and simply playing to the fact that Zz'dtri was a parody of the popular Drizz't Do'Urden from R.A. Salvatore's books. He talked very little and was always very quiet, in contrast to the loquacious Vaarsuvius. He was also a wizard, and was reported to have older versions of certain spells, all of which he refused to trade with Vaarsuvius for. As the counterpart of Vaarsuvius, Zz'dtri was established to be male.

His most notable spell was Flesh to Stone, which he used to transform both Haley and Celia into statues at different points in the story. Like Sabine, he was capable of altering his appearance, although he was limited to changing his color only.


  • In the Empire of Blood arc, his hair was shorter and his skin was lighter 
  • Zz'dtri's last words were "Pay's good."

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