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Yunji was a paladin of the Sapphire Guard. She had no family in Azure City.[1]

She trained with Lien and O-Chul, and once ate with them at Lien's favorite food booth near the pier where she lived where they ate rice noodles with peanuts and tumeric fish.[2]

During the last New Year's celebration before the Battle of Azure City, she and Jiaya had made reservations to go eat at Fujisawa's. Though their superior, Miko Miyazaki wanted to join them, they quickly made up a lie about being a couple to avoid having dinner with her when it was clear that she didn't approve of the location because of a gambling ring discovered. Though Yunji was worried that lying to her was a violation of their paladin code, Jiaya reassured her that it wasn't a gross violation and that they could either atone the next day or make out later. Indeed, later that evening the two were spotted making out in a bar by Belkar Bitterleaf, Durkon Thundershield and Vaarsuvius.[1]

Yunji Fighting Xykon

Yunjji strikes down Xykon

During the Battle of Azure City she was among the paladins guarding the sapphire when Xykon entered the throne room. She fought along side O-Chul, managing to knock Xykon to the ground with a blow from her poleaxe. It is unclear whether she was driven insane by Xykon's rubber ball inscribed with a Symbol of Insanity, or if she resisted the effect. In either case she was killed in the ensuing melee.[3]

She subsequently rose as a ghost-martyr and fought Xykon once more, but was banished to the Celestial Realms by Redcloak. After the destruction of the gate, her paladin oath was fulfilled and her spirit was released into the afterlife with the other paladin oathspirtis.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

  • Pole Axe: Yunji fought with a poleaxe.
  • Plate Armor: Yunji wore the plate armor of the Sapphire Guard, but not their characteristic blue cloak.


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