You Bet
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1083
Date published 17 July 2017
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Hel remembers the bet she made with Thor which caused her to not have clerics in return for dominion over the souls of dwarves who die a dishonorable death.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Hel: Look at me! I'm wasting away without worship!
Thrym: Are you sure? Because you've always looked like that.
Hel: Yes, I"m sure! All because when we were making this world, Loki tricked me.

Panel 2

Loki: Hey, uh, Hel, sweetie... what do you think is more important for a god to have, more clerics or more souls?
Hel: Souls, obviously. They giveyou power, while clerics use it.
Hel: Why?

Panel 3

Loki: So... would you consider a bet with your Uncle Thor to see who gets the most power in this new world?
Thor: Huh?
Loki: He keeps the normal arrangement, you trade your ability to make clerics among the living for, say, default dominion over all the souls from a major race? The dwarves, for example?
Hel: All of them?
Loki: Sure. Maybe with a small exception for those who die with honor?

Panel 4

Hel: I didn't know Thor would TELL them about it!

Panel 5

Hel: He helped them develop the most honor-bound society on the planet!
Hel: Those ugly little dwarves literally devote their whole llives to denying me what is rightfully mine!

Panel 6

Hel: But this world is almost done, and when it is, I'll collect millions of souls at once—and my winnings from the bet!
Hel: And then Loki and Thor will have Hel to pay!

Panel 7

Thrym: Wow, it must be cool to have a name that lends itself to so many good villain puns.
Hel: Yeah, I do actually have to give Dad credit on that one.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the latest appearance of Loki, trickster god of fire, has appeared in thirteen strips. He first appeared #79, "The Heavens Moved".

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