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Yikyik was a kobold ranger that served as Belkar's counterpart in the Linear Guild, despite having a similar personality, and was prejudiced against Halflings.

He was an associate of Nale, Thog and Sabine at least two years ago in the Western Continent. He assisted Nale rebelling against the Empress of Blood

Much later, the Guild wished to aquire The Talisman of Dorukan, and were hired by Xykon to kill The Order of the Stick. He met fellow ranger Belkar Bitterleaf and his prejudice against kobolds. The two followed Roy and Thog for the Earth Sigil. Yikyik harassed Belkar by stabbing him on the back as they walked.

Their intense hatred for each other culminated at the Order vs. Guild battle, where Yikyik was defeated (and subsequently turned into a "swanky new leather hat") by Belkar.

He is apparently the father of Yokyok, despite the two kobolds' large differences; his death caused Yokyok to seek revenge on Belkar.

His name may be a reference to Pun-Pun, a theoretical kobold character build with almost limitless power, although the similarities seem to begin and end with their race.

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