Xykons Tower
Xykon's Tower
Area Southern Mountains
Ruler Xykon
I keep a back-up fortress here, just in case.
  — Xyxon  

Xykon created a tower fortress in an empty valley in the Southern Mountains south of Greysky City approximately thirty years ago. His primary purpose was to ensure that he had a fallback position, in the event that whatever dungeon or other lair he was utilizing was invaded or destroyed. However, in the thirty years since its creation, a large number of good-aligned monsters took up residence in the tower and the formerly empty region was colonized by a large population of Hobgoblins.

The tower is one valley north of Hobgoblin City. It is only accessible by the Perilous Path of Crushing Doom.


  • The tower has at least five floors and is known to contain Xykon's Study.

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