Wow, That's a Spicy Meatball!
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 619
Date published 1 January 2009
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Haley contemplates whether or not to execute Bozzok.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Haley: Hey, this two-on-one thing is pretty sweet, I can see why you like it.
Haley shoots two arrows into Bozzok, "fft! fft!"
Bozzok: Shut up, you ungrateful brat! When Crystal gets here, we're going to—
Belkar full attacks Bozzok: stab! stab! stabbity stab!

Panel 2

Haley hits Bozzok with an arrow, freezing Bozzok into an icicle. "BURST!"
Haley: Ooo! Icy Burst! Yes!
Belkar: Nice! Though that peppermint smell is making me hungry again.
Belkar: Where the hell is my sandwich anyway?

Panel 3

Haley: OK, Bozzok, end of the road for you.
Belkar (off-panel): WAIT!!

Panel 4

Belkar: Don't you think you should make some sort of cold-related pun while you kill him?
Belkar: You know, Arnie style?
Haley: Oh, yeah, I guess you're right.

Panel 5

Haley: OK, Bozzok, time to put you on—
Celia (off-panel): WAIT!!
Haley: Oh, NOW what?!?

Panel 6

Celia: Don't kill him Haley!
Celia: I negotiated a truce with the Thieves' Guild.
Haley: You did WHAT???
Belkar: Instead of getting my lunch??? I thought we were a team!

Panel 7

Haley: Aren't truces generally for people who haven't already, I dunno, WON?
Celia: Come on, put the bow down. Do you really want any more bloodshed today?
Haley: Sorta, yeah!

Panel 8

Hank: How about bloodshed tomorrow? Or next month? You still care about the common people of Greysky City, right?
Hank: That was your dad's shtick, wasn't it? Rob from the rich, give 40% to the poor?
Haley: 40%, after reasonable expenses.
Hank: Well, obviously.

Panel 9

Hank: You know that there's no nice and orderly line of succession for the Guild.
Hank: You kill the Boz-cicle here, and it'll be a free-for-all until someone muscles their way to the top, long after you and your adventuring pals have left.
Hank: Remember, it took Bozzok over a year to consolidate the Guild under his rule.

Panel 10

Hank: And in the meantime, we have a dangerous power vacuum. There are groups worse for the city than the Thieves' Guild.
Haley: Tell me you're not talking about—
Hank: Yeah... The MOBs.

Panel 11

Ba?spear Troll: They camped outside Two-Life Tony's cave and just waited for him to respawn.
Blue?agon: You get a train over there, and you make them an aggro they can't refuse.
Ba?spear Troll: Yes, Boss Monster.

Panel 12

Hank: Do you really want things to get that "video gamey"?
Haley: Please. Someone says that every time there's a change around here. I just don't see it.
Belkar: Hey, can I get a buff in case we go back to pwning their doods? kthx.

D&D Context Edit

  • Haley's +5 Icy Burst longbow has the additional ability of freezing the enemy in a block of ice when scoring a critical hit.

Trivia Edit

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for his witty one-liners prior to killing someone in his movies. Arnold appeared in the 1997 film Batman & Robin as wikipedia:Mr. Freeze#Film. This is probably the preponderance of cold-related one-liners in Arnold's career.
  • This is the only appearance of Ba?spear Troll and Blue?agon, the World of Warcraft mobs whose character names are partially obscured by their speech balloons.
  • The last two panels parody the MMORPG style of video games:
    • The sign on the restaurant window reads: "Blizzard's Ristorante". Blizzard Entertainment is the publisher of World of Warcraft, the world's most-subscribed MMORPG.
    • The troll and dragon's character names appear above them as in WoW and other MMORPGs.
    • The troll and dragon are introduced as "MOBs". Mobs in video games are computer-controlled non-player characters.
    • In many of these games, players can respawn after they die.
    • Spawn Camping is when a player waits at the place where mobs respawn in order to kill them again.
    • Aggro is short for "aggravation". "Causing aggro" is the act of performing actions in order to attract mobs to kill a player character.
    • Boss monsters are powerful mobs which are usually stationed at the end of a quest of some sort. It may take many players to beat a boss monster.
    • Buffs increase the characters stats for a period of time.
    • Pwning is a leetspeak term derived from the verb "own". The term inplies domination or humiliation of a rival.
    • "doods" and "kthx" are internet slang terms for "dudes" and "ok thanks", respectively.

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