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Biographical information

Azure City

First Comic

Comic 0340, "You Should Have Seen What He Did With the Corsage"

Last Comic

Comic 0379, "Perform IS on the Aristocrat's Skill List"

Physical description




Hair color


Chronological and political information
Known masters

Lord Shojo

D&D Stats

This guy was a nameless Wizard NPC of Azure City, dubbed "Wizard Guy" by Roy.[1] Although a wizard, he wished he was a baker, and could bake great cherry turnovers.

He was loaned from Lord Shojo to teleport the Order of the Stick to Cliffport.

While the Order tried to rescue Julia Greenhilt from Nale, the Wizard passed his time in the local tavern (to forget his meaningless life as an NPC).[2]

After they succeeded in their mission (although Nale managed to trap Elan and took his place among the Order), they found the Wizard, now drunk, to teleport them back.[1]

However he was so drunk that he teleported them to the nest of a Roc, and was eaten immediately after (his blood had so much booze that the bird fell asleep).[3]

His half-digested remains were taken to Lord Shojo and he considered to resurrect him in order to teleport the Order to Girard's Gate.[4] But much happened during then, and what happened with his resurrection is not known.


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The existence of at least one teleporting wizard working for Shojo was previously mentioned in Comic 0318, "The Move Action of Shame" and Comic 0338, "Tactical Priorities"".

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