Will Save the Day
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Will Save The Day
Comic no. 1001
Date published 31 August 2015
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"Hel Polls for Thee" "Mutually Assured Observation"
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The battle between Roy and "Durkon" begins. Durkon attempts to Dominate Roy.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy lands in the Great Nave on his feet.

Panel 2

Roy swings his sword at the High Priest of Hel, knocking him on his back with a loud "THONK!".

Panel 3

"Durkon": A fight? Already?
"Durkon": I fully expected to have to listen to another one of your tedious speeches first.

Panel 4

Hel: No changing your vote, Heimdall. I may not have been able to attend these little meetings, but I've kept up with procedures.
Loki: Ugh, I should never have pushed for that "No Backsies" rule.

Panel 5

"Durkon": But what happened to the Roy that said, "I refuse to kill anyone because it's slightly more convenient than talking to them"?
Roy: This is different.
Roy: This is a lot more convenient.
Roy strikes "Durkon" with his sword, hitting his pauldrons, "CLANK!"

Panel 6

Roy: When we walked in here, we were already planning on destroying your vampire body and resurrecting you.
Roy: I'm just moving up the timetable.

Panel 7

"Durkon" uses his vampire gaze.
"Durkon": Still... I don't think you want to fight me, Roy.
"Durkon": We've been friends for years.

Panel 8

Roy falls under his Domination.
Roy: Unnnh!
High Priest of Hel: I think what you want is to put your sword down and try to reason with me instead of attacking.
High Priest of Hel: Wouldn't you rather talk than fight? You like talking so much.

Panel 9

Roy: I...
Roy: can...

Panel 10

Roy: —multitask!
Roy breaks free of the gaze, "SNAPOUTTA!", and slashes the High Priest of Hel with his sword, landing a blow, "SLASH!!"

D&D Context Edit

  • "Durkon" again uses his Dominate ability, an inherent ability of vampires in D&D 3.5.
  • With regards to the title, In D&D, a successful Will Save is used to negate mental control (such as a Vampire's Dominate ability).

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