Who's On the Throne?
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 226
Date published c. September 2005
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Roy is mistaken for the King of Nowhere.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: Kind of a fancy hotel you guys have here, especially considering it's in the middle of nowhere.
Maid: Oh, no, sir, we're in the middle of Somewhere.

Panel 2

Roy: Well, OK, I guess technically it's somewhere, but c'mon, it's not really anywhere.
Maid: Of course not, sir; Anywhere is an entirely different nation.

Panel 3

Roy: Right, so as I said, we're in the middle of nowhere.
Maid: Oh, absolutely not, sir—Nowhere is nowhere near Somewhere, and is in fact closer to Anywhere.

Panel 4

Roy: Huh?
Maid: Well, you said we were Nowhere, which is a good bit east of Somewhere and a little south of Anywhere.

Panel 5

They walk by the assassins.
Roy: What the—look, wherever we are right now, it has to be somewhere, correct?
Maid: Correct, sir.
Roy: But we're in a flat featureless plain, so we're not really anywhere.
Maid: Right again, sir.

Panel 6

Roy: So therefore, we're not really anywhere, we're just nowhere.
Maid: Ah, that's where you've lost it sir.

Panel 7

They walk by the King of Somewhere.
Roy: Who's that guy? He looks important.
Maid: Oh, he is, sir. That's the King of Somewhere.

Panel 8

Roy: Wait, you have a king staying in your inn, and you don't even know where he's from?
Maid: No, not Nowhere, sir, Somewhere.

Panel 9

Roy: So for all you know, he could be the king of anywhere?
Maid: Of course not, sir. The King of Anywhere has a beard.

Panel 10

Roy: Um... right. Well, obviously you have some issues with royalty, so I'll make it easy on you: I'm not the king of anywhere.
Maid: Clearly. No beard.
Roy: No, I mean I'm the king of nowhere at all.

Panel 11

Maid: The King of Nowhere? Of course, I should have known by the crown around your neck!
Roy: What? No, you don't understand—
Maid: Pepe! Take His Majesty, the King of Nowhere, to the Royal Suite.
Pepe: Of course. This way.

Panel 12

Roy: I'm so confused. I try to figure out where that king guy is from, and now they think I'm king of someplace else.
Pepe: Oh, no, sir, not at all.
Pepe: Someplace Else has a democracy.

Trivia Edit

  • The comic (as well as the title) is based on the famous Who's on First? comedy routine by Abbott and Costello.
  • This is the first appearance of Pepe and the King of Somewhere.
  • The bi-weekly discussion page for strips #222-#227 was lost in a purge of the forum at Exact publishing dates for these strips are not publicly known at this time, though presumably the Giant knows.

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