The third volume of The Order of the Stick includes the Order's adventures from Comic 301 to Comic 484. The Order meets a irritating oracle, engages Nale, and gets caught up in a war.

For the list of comics in this book and their wikia pages, please click here.


  • Azure City
    • Inn
    • Castle
    • Lord Shojo/Hinjo's Throne Room
    • Various Restaurants
    • Library
    • Doctor's
    • Harbor
    • Defensive Walls
    • Breach in the wall
    • Courtyard
    • Prison block
    • Hinjo's Junk


The Order of the StickEdit

Team EvilEdit


Linear GuildEdit


Sapphire GuardEdit

Residents of the Sunken ValleyEdit


Haley's Imaginary PersonificationsEdit

  • Haley's Self Loathing
  • Optimism
  • Self-reliance (Peroxide)
  • 'The part of Haley's brain that's sick of all this emo crap and wants to get back to comedy.'
  • Latent Bisexuality
  • Intellect
  • Vanity
  • Mistrust

Other CharactersEdit

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