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Vurkle is the orc shaman of the Orc island. He wore a costume designed to look like Banjo, however it is likely he has since changed them to look more like Giggles. Vurkle, like most orcs and half-orcs in the Order of the Stick does not capitalize proper nouns, including his own name.

He started to worship Banjo and attempted to kill Elan, Durkon, Daigo and Lien because they were not worthy to keep him. The latter was left behind to be sacrificed to Banjo, even though Lien was not a virgin ("banjo like girl with some experiance.") but the three men returned to rescue her.

Chief grukgruk intended to kill them all, but Therkla impersonated Banjo and demanded to let them free. Qarr then hypnotized grukgruk only to be dispelled by Durkon.

Vurkle realized the prisoners had left with Banjo and the tribe ran after them. Then Elan suggested that the orcs should worship Giggles the Clown instead and suggested a pie eating contest to resolve their differences. Vurkle managed to eat three more blueberry pies than Elan but chief grukgruk agreed to trade with them because he had so much fun.

Vurkle is referred to as a "shaman", not a Cleric or Druid. In D&D terms, he may be a member of the Spirit Shaman class, from the 2004 D&D 3.5 supplement, Complete Divine, although this may be just a cultural name for an orc cleric or druid, much in the same way Miko is a "samurai" without having any levels in the Samurai or Master Samurai classes (from Complete Warrior and Sword and Fist, respectively).

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