Virginia is a character from Snips, Snails and Dragon Tales. Her only apperance so far is in the first story of that book, Julio Scoundrél and the Curse of the Mummy Queen.

Virginia was rescued (off-panel, in an unpublished story from the fictional issue #93 of Julio Scoundrél's comic book) from an unspecified evil villain, and spent two days aboard the Mechane before witnessing the attack of the Giant Albino Sky Octopus and convincing Julio to retrieve the Sapphire of Purity from Queen Amontop.

Amontop, also known as the Mummy Queen of Sandy Valley, had stolen the Sapphire from Virginia's home village, where it was needed in order to decontaminate the village's water supply.

She is aboard the Mechane when it approaches Amontop's pyramid and is attacked by her Horusfolk, and convinces Julio to let her return the Sapphire instead of selling it.

The letter column after that story states that Virginia will appear in the following issue, which to date remains unpublished.

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