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Comic no. 375
Date published 13 November 2006
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MitD discovers the letter sent by Hurak to Durkon, that Miko left behind.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Miko: Look, just be happy the dosage on these potions doesn't need to be adjusted for body weight.
Miko: Recent events have lead me to believe that you might want to cut back on your consumption of Heavenly Oats™ brand horse feed.
Windstriker drinks a healing potion, "glug! glug! glug!"

Panel 2

Miko: Are you well enough to travel?
Miko: Good. We cannot afford the time it would take to replenish you in the Celestial Realm.

Panel 3

She mounts Windstriker.
Miko: While I would love to return to battle that creature, the greater good demands I leave. As of right now, all of Azure City is depending on the two of us.
Miko: We must not fail!

Panel 4

Miko rides off stage right, while MitD remains behind her.
Miko: As fast as you can boy! Faster!
MitD:Excuse me! Miss Miko! Hello?

Panel 5

MitD holds Miko's diplomatic pouch.
MitD: You dropped your purse!
Demon-Roach: Apparently, littering isn't against the paladin code.

Panel 6

MitD: I wonder what's in it.
MitD: I probably shouldn't open it, though. She might come back for it.
Demon-Roach:Do it!

Panel 7

MitD: I bet it's food.
MitD: I does sort of smell like beer. Must be pub food.
MitD sniffs at the bag, "sniff!"
Demon-Roach #1: Do it!
Demon-Roach #2: Do it!
Demon-Roach #3: Do it!

Panel 8

MitD: I really am pretty hungry...
MitD: And it's just gonna get cold anyway.
All Three Demon-Roaches: DO IT!

Panel 9

MitD: Shoot! That's not a piping hot plate of delicious chili cheese fries AT ALL!
MitD:What a rip off. It's just a stupid letter.
Demon-Roach: HA-ha!

Panel 10

A close-up of the letter.
MitD (off-panel): And it's not even color-coded, or bullet-pointed, or anything!

To Durkon,

Since you have clearly not heard, I write to inform you that the High Priest Hurak passed away three years ago. I have taken over as high priest of Thor, but I can find no mention of your mission in any of Hurak's notes or journals. Therefore I see no good reason not to grant your request to return to dwarven territory as soon as you wish.

I only wish your letter had reached me before the unfortunate death of your grandfather last year. Both [of?] his livers failed as [...] wish [...]

Panel 11

MitD eats the letter, "munch munch munch".
MitD: OW!
MitD: I got a pahpuh cut righ ohn muh tonng!

Panel 12

MitD: Sigh...Life just isn't fair.
Demon-Roach: So, what, we all just leave stuff on the ground now?

Trivia Edit

  • The stress on the first "HA" in the Demon-Roach's "HA-ha!" suggest it is a reference to the catchphrase of Nelson from The Simpsons.

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