Aliases Empire of Blood
Area Western Continent
Government Monarchy
Ruler Lord Tyrinar (de jure)
General Tarquin and Chancellor Miron Shewdanker (de facto)
Races Humans
Religions Western Pantheon

Tyrinaria was a kingdom located in the Western Continent.

It was ruled by Lord Tyrinar the Bloody in name only,[1] but it was de facto ruled by General Tarquin and Chancellor Miron Shewdanker;[2] those two had formed the Kingdom out of the older Unprincipled Principalities, and was one of many throwaway aliases for what is now known as the Empire of Blood. As part of a continuous scheme, Tarquin secretly arranges to have the nominal leaders, such as Tyrinar, "toppled" and the kingdom re-branded.[3] [2]

Ian Starshine visited Tyrinaria and was then arrested for some unspecified crimes against the government. After receiving a ransom letter from Miron Shewdanker, his daughter Haley intended to visit it. However, since then the kingdom had ceased to exist, Tyrinar having been fed to the Empress of Blood after being toppled and his kingdom renamed the Empire of Blood.[4]


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