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Lord Tyrinar the Bloody was formerly the nominal ruler of the now-defunct nation of Tyrinaria in the Western Continent, which at one point held Haley Starshine's father Ian hostage for 200,000 gp. It is unclear whether Tyrinar has any connection to the Greysky City Thieves' Guild that conspired to move Ian to the Western Continent[1].

Tyrinar was described by Tarquin to be a short, whiny man who complained all the time while he and his Chancellor, Miron Shewdanker, were the ones who truly ruled the nation.[2] Amongst other things, Tyrinar wondered if he ought to be the one ruling rather than his advisors, as he was king, and at one point he considered turning Tyranaria into a democracy.

Eight months prior to Haley Starshine joining the Order of the Stick, her father Ian was arrested for unspecified crimes against the government and will be imprisoned for life. However, Miron Shewdanker sent Haley a letter that stated that Lord Tyrinar might be willing to grant him clemency in exchange for a gift of 200,000 gp, which led Haley to begin a life of adventuring.[3] Only Elan and Vaarsuvius know about the ransom.

When the Order finally landed on the Western Continent, Haley discovered[4] that the political situation was so volatile that neither Tyrinar nor Tyranaria was even remembered, having blended in with several other leaders and countries with cheesy names. A mapmaker started to advise checking out a new place, but was interrupted before she could specify the particular location. Facing a dead end, Haley decided to take this as a sign to put her family issue on hold until the gates were resolved. However, she refused to explain the situation to any other member of the order, given her emotional issues with openness and her fear that Roy would question her focus.[5]

It was later revealed that Tyrinaria was actually a throwaway alias for what is now know as the Empire of Blood, of which Tarquin is the de facto leader. As is the case with the Empire's current leader, Lord Tyrinar was most likely a puppet of Tarquin, who, in order to keep his effectual rule secret, arranged to have Tyrinar "toppled" and the kingdom re-branded. Tyrinar was then eaten by the Empress of Blood.


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