Try, Try Again
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 973
Date published 22 January 2015
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"She Might Even Be a Bit Ahead" "Except, You Know, That"
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Haley and Bandana fight a the Crysal golem, but find their attacks are not effective.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Bandana: I’m barely scratchin’ her! Maybe if you flank we can get in a few Sneak Attacks?
Haley: Doubt it. Her organs are about as functional as the home environment in which she was probably raised.

Panel 2

Crystal: YOU
Crystal: KILLED ME
Haley: Yes, I know! I was there! Geez!

Panel 3

Haley: You picked the wrong day to mess with me, Crystal.
HaleyEat magic!

Panel 4

Haley shoots three magic missiles at Crystal, but the bounce off harmlessly.
Crystal: NO
Haley: Darn it! V was right, spell resistance is the worst!

Panel 5

Bandana: Shoot, how the heck are we supposed to whup her ass now?
Haley: I’ve got one more trick I can try.

Panel 6

Haley: Three adamantine arrows.
Haley: I’ve been saving them for this demon I know, but they should pierce a golem’s skin no matter how thick it is.

Panel 7

Haley looses three arrows, "FFT! FFT! FFT!"

Panel 8

Crystal ducks them all, "WOOOSH!"

Panel 9

The arrows fly down the street.

Panel 10

A gnome watches them fly past a railing to the sea.

Panel 11

Crystal smiles as Haley and Bandana hear the arrows land in the ocean, "SPLOOSH! SPLOOSH! SPLOOSH!"

Panel 12

They flee.
Crystal: COME BACK
Crystal: AND DIE
Bandana: Is there a second part to this plan?
Haley: Yes.
Bandana: Is it the same thing, only faster?
Haley: Have you been reading our back catalog?

D&D Context Edit

  • Sneak Attacks only work on living creatures with "discernable anatomies". Constructs such as flesh golems are specifically excluded in the rules, as a well placed strike to their organs does not do any particularly bad things to them.
  • The wand Haley uses in panel 4 is a wand of Magic Missle.
  • Flesh Golems have immunity to magic of many types, as well as damage reduction against most types of weapons, which is why they are having a hard time damaging her. The damage reduction does not apply to adamantine weapons.

Trivia Edit

  • V has had trouble defeating opponents with spell resistance, specifically Zz'dtri, such as in #792.
  • In panel 6, Haley is referring to Sabine.

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