Area Island
Government Democracy (in theory)
Races Gnome
Religions Northern Gods
Tinkertown is a gnome island city[1] in the Northern continent where Bandana Secundus and the crew of the Mechane expect to find repair parts and fuel on their way north.[2]

While the city seems friendly enough to other races, its population is nonetheless almost entirely composed of gnomes. It has a strong "steampunk" look and feel.[1]

The city resides close to a dormant volcano that may be the main reason why its climate is fairly warm despite its latitude.[1] Many of its inhabitants show an active interest in building, marketing, fixing or maintaining items and machines of some variety, with a technology level that is considerably ahead of that of most of the world, including such things as mechanical ascensors[3] and steam-powered vehicles with harpoons and lightning guns,[4] and mechanical bridges with movable parts.[5]


Tinkertown, as seen from the sky.

Tinkertown's gnomes, as seems to be usual for gnomes everywhere else, insist on wearing hats of some kind if at all possible.[6][7] It seems to be entirely a matter of preference as opposed to etiquette; Tinkertown gnomes interact often with other species, but there are no known stances of demands, requests or even invitations for others to wear hats while dealing with gnomes. They show no disconfort at all in dealing with people without hats. Gnomes enjoy exceptionally acute hearing.[8] While by no means xenophobic, Tinkertown's gnomes still think of themselves as "normal" people when contrasted with humans, who they nonetheless welcome with not even a hint of hostility.[9]

Despite the affinity of Tinkertown with mechanical devices, it is by no means averse to magic, least of all to magical items.[10] It is comparatively easy to buy magical items in Tinkertown,[11][12] even somewhat specialized ones.[6][7] Even skilled Artificers can be hired without too much effort.[6]

Tinkertown's gnome cuisine seems to be fairly sophisticated and generally well-regarded.[5]

The Northern Gods have a considerable following in Tinkertown, which hosts a shrine of Hoder[8] At least one other temple also exists in the town, possibly one not aligned with the Northern Pantheon.[11]


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