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Tiamat is one of the chief Gods of the West, along with Marduk. She takes the form of a five-headed dragon, and is widely worshipped by reptilian humanoids such as lizardfolk and kobolds. She is also referred to as the Dragon Queen and Five-headed Mistress of Dragons by The All-Seeing Oracle of the Sunken Valley.


Tiamat appears through her servant

Though mentioned only in passing, Tiamat was first referenced to by Lord Shojo during The Crayons of Time story. She, along with Marduk, were the two named members of the Babylonian Pantheon. Much later, in Comparative Mythology, Malack, the lizardfolk high priest of Nergal, another Western God in the Empire of Blood, shed more light on Tiamat and her followers, stating that "Tiamat is a fine deity, but she prefers the kobolds to us lizardfolk ... her followers prefer to hang around dark caves or hidden valleys, rather than get too involved with world politics.

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  • Tiamat is based on Tiamat, a Babylonian primordial deity of the ocean. She is often depicted as a dragon or snake of some sort.

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