Threat Level
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1079
Date published 5 July 2017
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Bandana warns Andi and strips her of her pay.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Mateo: And we're through! Clear of the mountains, Captain.

Panel 2

Carol: We did it!
Mateo: Of course, now we don't have any weapons.
Bandana: Eh, it's not like siege weapons're really gonna do the trick against the enemies we're fighting these days.

Panel 3

Bandana: When we get back to Tinkertown, I'm gonna look into hiring a full-time ship's wizard.
Bandana: Or maybe I'll drop in on that plucky little lieutenant and ask her about buying a few of those big lightning cannons.

Panel 4

Bandana: I want everyone who doesn't need to have hands on the controls to start mendin' and patchin'—
Bandana: —'specially 'round where the turrets were. Rope Elan into castin' that spell of his, if you need to.

Panel 5

Bandana: And as for you, now that we're out safely—
Andi: *gulp*

Panel 6

Bandana: —that's Strike One.
Andi: ...What... what happens on Strike Three?
Bandana: Nuthin'.

Panel 7

Bandana: 'Cause you won't make it past Strike Two.

Panel 8

Bandana: Now I'm gonna go take care of this splitting headache.
Bandana: That I got.
Bandana: Somehow.

Panel 9

Felix: Wait, Captain!
Felix: Since Andi put the ship in danger, can I have her pay from this trip?
Bandana: Come on, Felix. That just wouldn't be fair.

Panel 10

Bandana: We'll split her share up between the whole crew.

Panel 11

Felix: What?
Felix: You wanted to know what I was going to do about it, didn't you?

D&D Context Edit

  • Bandana uses the idiom of "three strikes", which implies that baseball exists in the Order of the Stick world, a fact already established in the bonus material with Roy's skill slot in Profession (Baseball Player).[1] Volleyball is also known to exist.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a play on the phrase "level a threat" (i.e. aim or direct a threat) as Bandana does to Andi, and "threat level" such as used by the UK Threat Levels for terrorism activity or the US Homeland Security Advisory System. The latter system was referenced before in Order of the Stick, in #513, "Security Deposit".
  • Andi intimidated Felix into not resisting the mutiny by asking "what are you going to do about it?" in #1064, "Chained of Command".
  • This is the latest appearance of several of the crew of the Mechane to date:
    • Andromeda (aka Andi), the engineer, has appeared in twenty-eight strips, first appearing in #935.
    • Kwesi first appeared in #990. This is her twenty-first strip.
    • Carol first appeared all the way back in #391, making her twentieth appearance here.
    • Felix, the sartorial adviser, first appeared in #935. This is his also his twentieth strip.
    • Crewman with Eyepatch and Pegleg was also a member of the earlier crew, debuting in #392.

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References Edit

  1. Blood Runs in the Family
  2. Uncivil Servant

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