Thor's Teachings
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 73
Date published 27 May 2004
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"Loose Ends" "Back from the Pit"
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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Durkon lays heavily injured on the floor.
Durkon: Ach, Durkon, ye be right up the River Styx without a paddle this time.

Panel 2

Durkon: Energy-drain'd an left all alone inna room chock full a'monsters.
Durkon: Anc'stors' beards, here they come! Maybe if I lie still, dey be passin' me by.

Panel 3

3 hordlings walk into the scene.
Hordling #2: Why, look my hordling brothers. I believe we have found ourselves a delicious meal this day!
Hordling #3: Yes, let us devour the mortal.

Panel 4

Hordling #1: I don't know, guys, it's a dwarf. You know how fatty they are, and I'm trying to watch my intake.
Hordling #3: Good point, I could do without the trans fats.

Panel 5

Hordling #2: You guys should look into Atkins. Steve's on it, and he can eat all the Dwarves he wants, as long as he doesn't have any bread with them.
Hordling #3: Ugh, that CAN'T be good for you in the long run.
The hordlings walk off.

Panel 6

Durkon: Whew! But tha next monsters'll likely not be dietin'. I best figure a way out of this dire predicament. Think, Durkon. Think back on yer training a' tha temple.

Panel 7

Close up on Durkon's necklace, on which is written "W.W.T.D.?"
Durkon: A' course, my prayer necklace reminds me a' one o' the basic teachin's.

Panel 8

Durkon: What WOULD Thor do?
In Durkon's thoughts, Thor smashes Dorukan's castle with his hammer.
Thor: With my ultimate power of the thunders, I, Thor, smash this entire dungeon to shattered ruins, each piece no larger than a man's fist.

Panel 9

Durkon continues to think, this time of Thor holding a frothy beer with Sif at his side.
Thor: Then, I return to Asgard to woo goddesses and drink an ocean's worth of beer. Huzzah!
Sif: Oh, Thor! *Giggle*

Panel 10

Durkon: In retrospect, that "W.W.T.D" thing be nev'r really as applicable to my situation as 'tis supposed ta be.

D&D Context Edit

  • Hordlings were first introduced in the 1983 1st edition Monster Manual II, but were not updated to the 3.5 edition that the OOTS plays in.
  • This is the first appearance of Sif, goddess of earth and wife of Thor, known for her long golden hair.

Trivia Edit

  • Durkon's necklace is a parody of W.W.J.D. bracelets.
  • Atkins is a low carb diet which became popular in 2003.
  • This is the final appearance of the Hordlings from #55. It's not clear if the green hordling is the same as the hordling in #55 or if that hordling (with the single fang) is the one beheaded by Roy in #59.
  • This is the first appearance of Sif, Thor's wife, and goddess of the earth. She is known for her golden hair.

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