The Unbanished Truth
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1024
Date published 16 February 2016
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Roy learns valuable information from the High Priestess of Thor, and receives a gift.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

High Priestess of Thor: Wait, warrior! I would speak with you.
Roy: Can you get me where I'm going faster?
High Priestess of Thor: Do you know where exactly you're going?
Roy: Compelling point. Go ahead.

Panel 2

High Priestess of Thor: The Council of Clans is not the current dwarven parliament, so it does not meet in our capital.
High Priestess of Thor: They will gather in a special hall in the town of Firmament, nearer to the surface.

Panel 3

High Priestess of Thor: As a human, you'll have trouble getting past border security, especially if a meeting has been called.
Roy: I sort of figured we'd do the basic "pleading with authority figures to allow complete strangers to handle a serious crisis" thing we always do.

Panel 4

High Priestess of Thor: You won't need to. Firmament holds a major temple to Thor which in turn maintains a private exit to the surface world so that the priests can observe the weather.
High Priestess of Thor: This sacred runestone will guide you toward it and unlock the spells sealing the door.
High Priestess of Thor: But more importantly, it can only be given freely; it turns to dust if taken by force.

Panel 5

High Priestess of Thor: The fact that you bear it will prove to the acolytes that I gave my blessing to your mission.
Roy: Nice. Thanks. I hope they're stocked up on holy water.

Panel 6

High Priestess of Thor: One more thing—your friend, Thundershield. Did he write me a letter last year, by any chance?
Roy: Yes! You got it?
High Priestess of Thor: I did, though I could not place the name until the vampire started talking about being exiled.

Panel 7

High Priestess of Thor (inset): My predecessor, High Priest Hurak, was responsible for your friend's banishment, but he left no records as to why he would take such a drastic step.
Flashback to before the fall of Azure City; Miko Miyazaki is waiting for the High Priestess' response to Durkon's letter.
High Priestess of Thor: You can have a seat while I write a response, if you'd like.
Miko: Thank you, but standing builds character.
Miko: Also, I just rode for four days.

Panel 8

High Priestess of Thor: Since it seems your friend did not get my reply, I will reiterate it to you:
High Priestess of Thor: Durkon Thundershield is free to return to Dwarven Lands at his pleasure. His exile is over.

Panel 9

Roy: That's great, but... it's a bit late. He's already there. What good does it do?
High Priestess of Thor: I would not venture a guess, but it is true. And the truth always has a use.

Panel 10

High Priest of Freyr: Go, human! Our people's future depends on you!
High Priestess of Frigg: Gods' speed, noble warrior.
High Priestess of Thor: May Thor's blessing be upon you and your cause.
Roy: I promise I'll do everything I can.

Panel 11

Roy leaves the chamber.

Panel 12

High Priest of Freyr: Also, if this ends OK for us can we maybe talk about reforming all those archaic friggin' rules?
High Priestess of Frigg: Hey! Don't pin this all on Frigg, everyone agreed to this!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final appearance thus far for Miko Miyazaki, fallen paladin of the Sapphire Guard. Miko fell from the grace of the gods for killing Shojo in #407, and died in #464 after foolishly destroying Soon's Gate. This is the first flashback to show her since her death. She was a major antagonist of the second two books, making her first appearance at the end of the first book, in #120, "The End of the Beginning". She appeared in sixty-nine strips in total.
  • The High Priestess of Thor's message to Durkon that his banishment was over was lost by Miko and eaten by the Monster in the Darkness in #375, Undeliverable.
  • This is the final appearance of the High Priestess of Odin. She appeared in sixteen strips overall, making her first appearance in #997.
  • This is the final appearance of the High Priestess of Frigg and the High Priest of Freyr. They first appeared in #998 and #997 respectively.

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