The Summons
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 529
Date published 7 February 2008
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"The Ghost Screamer" "Regarding the Speed With Which One Removes Band-Aids"
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Celia returns from the elemental plane of air and explains why Roy was unable to summon her when he needed to.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: What the—how did you—
Roy: ...
Roy: I must have loosened that for you
Haley: Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! What the heck is happening?
Purple smoke floats out of the broken talisman

Panel 2

Celia appears as shadow in the smoke casting lightning

Panel 3

Celia emerges from the smoke in sweatpants and a crop top.
Celia: Oh, hey, Haley. How's it going?
Roy: Celia, baby!
Haley: Celia?!?
Celia: I see you got your speech back. Good for you.

Panel 4

Roy: Hello? Celia? It's me, Roy!
Haley: Oh, yeah, a few months ago now. I guess I disturbed your "slumber"?
Celia: Huh? Oh, right, well, I went to bed early. I have class first thing in the morning.

Panel 5

Roy: You know, you boyfriend, Roy? Come on! Hear me!
Celia: Sorry about the light show, I thought you were my mom. She likes to summon me home and ask me why she doesn't have any grandchildren yet.

Panel 6

Roy: Damn it, she can't see me either! So much for the bonds of love. Or the bonds of mutual lust, at least.
Celia: So where's Roy, then?
Haley: He's...not here right now. It's a long story.

Panel 7

Celia: Oh. Well, why did you break my summoning talisman, then? Is Roy in trouble?
Haley: It broke on its own, after I got blasted by an Electric Orb spell earlier.
Celia: Oh, that makes sense.

Panel 8

Celia: The amulet is designed to only break for magic energy, but it's a little weak against electricity.
Roy: Wait, what?
Celia: It has a tendency to crack if the wearer get shocked hard.

Panel 9

Roy: Only for magic energy? But I'm not—
Haley: But Roy wasn't—uh, isn't a wizard. How was he supposed to break it?
Celia: Oh, I know, but it didn't need a spell. Just zap a little energy on it and it shatters.
Celia: See?
Celia zaps a little energy on the talisman so it shatters, "zap!"

Panel 10

Haley: Celia... Humans can't shoot energy out of our fingers.
Celia: ...
Celia: You can't?
Haley: No.
Celia: Not even lightning?
Haley: Not even lightning.

Panel 11

Celia: Huh.
Celia: Weird.
Celia: Well, I guess it's a good thing there wasn't a real emergency, huh?
Celia: I mean, could you imagine?

D&D Context Edit

  • Sylphs use their inherent spell-like abilities to defend themselves rather than engaging in melee combat with weapons.

Trivia Edit

  • Celia gave Roy the amulet which can summon her in #320.
  • Roy failed to summon Celia when she could have saved him from falling to his death in #443.
  • This is Celia's first appearance since #320, and her first in Don't Split the Party.
  • The title of the strip is also a joke on Celia's profession as a lawyer, who are known to present summons to appear in court.

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