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The Shot Heard Round the Dungeon

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Haley rolls a natural 20 on her archery attack and destroys the Talisman.

Cast Edit

Roy Greenhilt and Haley Starshine with The Linear Guild.

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Zz'dtri destroys the bridge with a spell,
Haley: Tell me, Roy, is NOW a good time to point out I told you so?

Panel 2

Haley: Because I totally did! I knew we couldn't trust a guy with a goatee.
Roy: Wait, what did you say?
Haley: I said I told you so.

Panel 3

Roy: No, after that. A goatee?
Haley: Yeah, y'know, a spiky little devil-beard. They're always a bad sign, new we're —

Panel 4

Roy: Haley, shoot Nale now!
Haley: What? Roy, he's like 200 feet away, there's an ice wall and few hundred monsters in the way!

Panel 5

Haley: That's like -37 to hit!
Roy: Haley, please, there's no time! For once, just do what I say! Shoot Nale NOW!!

Panel 6

Haley: OK, OK, fine! Just shut up so we can die in peace.

Panel 7

Haley shoots the arrow

Panel 8

The arrow arches up

Panel 9

The arrow starts to comes down

Panel 10

The arrow homes in on Nale

Panel 11

The arrow embeds in Nale's shoulder breaking the Talisman's chain with a snap!
Nale: AARgh!

Panel 12

Nale: No! The talisman!

Panel 13

The Talisman hits the floor of the chamber with a SHATTER!!

Panel 14

Haley: Woot! I rolled a natural 20! I can't believe it!
Roy: I can...

D&D Context Edit

  • When rolling to determine whether you hit an enemy or not you roll a 20-sided dice and add your attack bonus. If you roll a 20 on the dice (known as a "natural 20"), you automatically hit.

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