The Power of Immediate Gratification
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 520
Date published 9 January 2008
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"Nightmare on Blue Street" "Remorse"
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Belkar comes to Haley's aid, after considering other options.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Haley is surrounded by Tsukiko, Ho Thanh (dominated by Tsukiko) and the Black Squadron. Belkar arrives with a purple sack over his shoulder.
Tsukiko: your friends in the so-called "Resistance" can't help you now—
Haley: Belkar! Help!
Tsukiko: Didn't I just say that your friends won't—

Panel 2

Tsukiko: Wait a minute... Don't I know you from somewhere?
Belkar: Yup. Maximum Security.

Panel 3

Tsukiko: Hey, yeah, that's it! We were in jail together! Second-degree murder, right?
Belkar: What a rip-off. I totally premeditated, you know.

Panel 4

Belkar: I guess taking Hinjo's offer worked out for you, then.
Tsukiko: Can't complain. I switched sides mid-battle, now I've got a cushy position with my own death squad.
Belkar: Sweet.
Haley: Uh, Belkar? Help?

Panel 5

Tsukiko: How about you? I remember you taunting that ex-paladin in the cells, did you get to stick a knife in their backs?
Belkar: I wish. Nah, I've been stuck with these losers, bumming around making small-time raids on the food supply.

Panel 6

Tsukiko: Aw, geez. That's rough.
Belkar: Yeah. Well, a halfling's gotta eat, you know, and all the hobgoblins pretty much attack on sight.

Panel 7

Tsukiko: Listen—Belkar, is it?—I've got some pull with the Big Man himself. Why don't I try to set up an interview for you with our side?
Tsukiko: This job has it all, seriously. Good salary, good healthcare from all the low-level hobgoblin clerics, and a corner office in the accursed tower Xykon wrenched from the unhallowed ground with his dark magic.

Panel 8

Belkar: I don't know, I don't really see myself behind a desk...
Tsukiko: Oh, no, it would be completely a hands-on position. We need a new Head Executioner, you know.
Tsukiko: Xykon killed the last one for spelling "guillotine" wrong on his daily reports.

Panel 9

Belkar: Well, it's temping. I've been wondering whether it wasn't time to stop screwing around and get down to some serious large-scale killling. I'm not getting any younger, you know.
Belkar: But, it's weird, I still feel some small bit of loyalty to Azure City's ruler.

Panel 10

Tsukiko: Who, Hinjo? He's not even here—
Belkar: Hell no, not that tool. I meant the TRUE power in Azure City.
Tsukiko: "True power"? Who is—

Panel 11

Belkar lets Mr. Scruffy out of the bag and hurls him at Tsukiko.
Mr. Scruffy: mmRRRRROWWW!!

Panel 12

Mr. Scruffy (off-panel): HISS!!
Mr. Scruffy claws at Tsukiko off-panel, "scratch! scratch! scratch!"
Tsukiko (off-panel): Get it off! Get it OFF!,br> Haley: Nice Bluff check, Belkar! You really caught her off guard!
Belkar: What Bluff check?
Belkar: I was gonna take the deal, right up until the point where I remembered how much I was looking forward to flinging an angry housecat in someone's soft and unprotected face.

D&D Context Edit

  • Bluff checks are done when a PC attempts to lie to an NPC to see if the lie is believed.

Trivia Edit

  • Belkar literally let the cat out of the bag.
  • Mr. Scruffy had not been seen since Miko killed Shojo in #406.
  • This is the final appearance of Hungry Wight. It first appeared in #513.

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