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The Order of the Stick
The Order of the Stick
"Let my people handle this, we're trained professionals. Well, we're semi-trained, quasi-professionals, at any rate."


Roy Greenhilt


Haley Starshine



The Order of the Stick (often abbreviated to either TOotS or simply OotS) is an adventuring party that was first formed to slay the sorcerer lich Xykon and prevent him from taking over or destroying the world through the use of the gates holding back the creature known as the Snarl.


  • Roy Greenhilt - Lawful Good Male Human Fighter. Aged 29, Roy is the leader of the Order of the Stick.
    • "...their battle-hardened leader, Roy Greenhilt, veteran fighter."
  • Haley Starshine - Chaotic Good Female Human Rogue. Aged 25, Haley is a veteran archer and the Order's second-in-command, as well as Roy's advisor on more devious lines of thought.
    • "The roguish Haley Starshine, whose deadly aim is matched only by her beauty."
  • Durkon Thundershield - Lawful Good Male Dwarven Cleric. Aged 55 at time of death, Durkon was the Order's primary healer. He was killed in action while fighting the vampire cleric Malack at Girard's Gate and his body was possessed by the negative spirit acting as the High Priest of Hel.
    • "The always dependable Durkon Thundershield, dwarven cleric."
  • Elan - Chaotic Good Male Human Bard/Dashing Swordsman. Aged 22, Elan is often viewed as the least competent member of the Order, though this view has began diminishing after he took levels in Dashing Swordsman. He is also the Order's secondary healer after gaining a few healing spells and a Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds.
    • "Elan the Bard, minstrel extraordinaire and master of enchantment."
  • Vaarsuvius - True Neutral Gender Ambiguous Elven Wizard. An extremely skilled arcane user and evoker, Vaarsuvius is the Order's most powerful member.
    • "The mysterious Vaarsuvius, keeper of a thousand arcane secrets."
  • Belkar Bitterleaf - Chaotic Evil Male Halfling Ranger/Barbarian. A bloodthirsty berserker, Belkar is one of most dangerous members of the Order.
    • "Halfling ranger Belkar Bitterleaf, the world's best tracker under four feet tall."


  • Team Evil - The Order's main adversaries, they were originally formed with the intention of putting an end to Team Evil's leader, Xykon. They've since been opposing them in their efforts to claim one of the gates of the Snarl, though Team Evil hasn't truly recognized them as a threat until the destruction of Girard's Gate, where Redcloak realized that they are directly opposing them and their plan by protecting the gates.
  • The Linear Guild - Once the Order's main recurring foes, the Linear Guild is now a shadow of its former self. Formerly led by Elan's Lawful Evil twin brother Nale, the Linear Guild has fought the Order several times in the past for petty and disproportionate reasons, though Nale eventually attempted to take the gates' power for his own before his death at the hands of his father.
  • The Vector Legion - Though the Vector Legion and the Order have never formally fought, Elan's father, General Tarquin, has fought the Order after the destruction of Girard's Gate and attempted to murder them in order to drive the story in the direction he wanted by calling upon the army of the Empire of Blood and his allies in the Legion, Miron Shewdanker and Laurin Shattersmith.

Alternate ContinuitiesEdit

Two alternate continuities are known to have their own versions of the Order and of its individual members.

One is that of the Dragon magazine strips, which was later extended with both Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales and with the later Gygax Magazine strips.

The other, considerably more divergent, is that of the Edition Wars: Invaders from the Fourth Dimension party, influenced by Fourth Edition rules. Its only apperance was in that feature, published in Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales (where they seek and end up in conflict with the Dragon Magazine version of the Order).

The Order of the Stick
Roy GreenhiltHaley StarshineDurkon ThundershieldElanVaarsuviusBelkar Bitterleaf

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