The New Lord in Town
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 410
Date published 5 February 2007
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"Intercession" "The Power Behind the Throne"
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Shojo declines resurrection, making Hinjo the new Lord of Azure City.

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Panel 1

The High Priest of the Twelve Gods is attempting to cast Resurrection on Shojo.
High Priest: Resurrect!
High Priest: I am sorry, Lord Shojo, perhaps you did not hear me properly. I said, "Resurrect!"

Panel 2

High Priest: Lord Hinjo, I do not understand. The spell is functioning properly, but he does not return to us.
Belkar: Well, duh!
Hinjo: Explain. Now.

Panel 3

Belkar: The spirit needs to be willing to return, right? But Shojo is kicking back in whatever afterlife the Chaotic Good people get—
Belkar: —probably sipping single-malt scotch and smoking cigars rolled from poorly-worded legal documents.

Panel 4

Belkar: Why the hell would he want to come back here, knowing that you're waiting to throw him in prison?
Belkar: Considering he was like a billion years old and likely to die soon anyway, I'd say he got the last laugh on all y'all.

Panel 5

Hinjo: He's probably right... It looks like I'm on my own then.
Roy: Not entirely. If you would be willing to accept my help.

Panel 6

Hinjo: Maybe...
Hinjo: Don't get me wrong. I am NOT happy about the fact that you were working behind my back.
Hinjo: But if you had Azure City's downfall at heart, it would have been easy enough to stand by and let Miko kill me, keeping your hands clean.

Panel 7

Hinjo: The fact that you jumped in to save my life means a lot.
Hinjo: Besides, I have to rally this city to defend itself in less than a day.
Hinjo: I'd have to be a fool to refuse the help of the only man I know to have fought this enemy and lived.

Panel 8

Hinjo: You know, when all the nobles hear that Shojo is dead, it's going to rip this city apart. He's kept them in check for almost 50 years now.
Roy: He was always worried about assassins... do you think they'll try to kill you?

Panel 9

Hinjo: Oh, definitely. Nothing says "Condolences on the loss of your uncle," like a ninja death squad in the night.
Hinjo: Luckily, I have an idea of where I can hire the perfect bodyguard.

Panel 10

Roy: Whoever you get to do it, they're sure going to have their hands—
Roy: Aww, crap, it's me, isn't it??
Hinjo: Heh. Well, you've already proven yourself capable of the job's primary function.

Panel 11

Roy: That's not exactly the type of assistance I had in mind.
Hinjo: OK. But if I get killed before Xykon's army attacks, the city will have no leader and thousands will likely die in the confusion.
Hinjo: So you know, it's your call, Roy.

Panel 12

Roy: *sigh*
Roy: Fine, I'll do it. But that was low for a paladin.
Hinjo: You're obviously not familiar with one of our key class abilities: Summon Conscience.

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