The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 147
Date published 7 February 2005
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"Role Reversal" "Hobgoblins and You"
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Team Evil is falling back and regrouping, and the MitD just can't get anything he wants.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Team Evil walks down a dark tunnel.
Demon-Roach #1: Is it much further, Papa Roach?
Demon-Roach #2: Not far now.
Monster in the Darkness: Hey Redcloak, can I hold Xykon's whatchamacallit for a while?
Redcloak: It's called a phylacetry[sic], and no, you can't.
Monster in the Darkness: Awwww, why not?

Panel 2

Redcloak: Because his undead spirit will soon start regenerating a new skeletal body for him, and he might need my aid immediately.
Redcloak: Besides, you'll break it.
Monster in the Darkness: No I won't! I promise!

Panel 3

Redcloak: You won't break it? OK, then where are your Power Ranger figures right now?
Monster in the Darkness: Ummm... broken.
Redcloak: Exactly.

Panel 4

Xykon: Hey, gang, no bickering! We're all part of one big evil team here, right?
Xykon: Sure, we had a setback there, but all we need to do is stick together. If we all pitch in, we'll be back on top soon.

Panel 5

Xykon: One for all and all for one, right?
Redcloak: I can't help but notice that your sense of team spirit is inversely proportionate to your number of functioning appendages, sir.
Demon-Roach: He shoots, he scores!

Panel 6

Xykon: Cute. Did you actually grow a spine there, Redcloak?
Redcloak: Perhaps I just got hit with a piece of yours when you exploded, sir.

Panel 7

Xykon: OK, OK, enough. What we really need to do is regroup.
Xykon: We need to find someplace secluded where we can hole up and let me regenerate.

Panel 8

Redcloak exits the tunnel.
Xykon: Which brings us to the Southern Mountains—first stop on the Xykon Comeback Tour.

Panel 9

Monster in the Darkness: Wait, we're going outside? Yes! Sunlight! Fresh air! Cool breezes!
Monster in the Darkness: You can't keep me in those impenetrable shadows all of the time anymore.

Panel 10

Xykon: Oh no, we've got that covered. Do you still have it, Redcloak?
Redcloak: It's right here, sir.

Panel 11

The Monster in the Darkness is covered in shadows cast by a pink umbrella.
Monster in the Darkness: Well, shoot.
Demon-Roach: *snicker*

D&D Context Edit

  • Unless the phylactery is destroyed, a lich will reappear 1d10 days after its apparent death. The OOTS convention that this takes place over a period of growing a new body is not mentioned in the D&D rules.

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