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Mr. Jones (left) and Mr. Phil Rodriguez (right)

Mr. Jones and Mr. Phil Rodriguez are two lawyers that appear in the world of the Order of the Stick. Their main purpose is ensure that no copyright infringements occur. Mr. Jones is highly professional and educated, though arrogant, while Mr. Rodriguez has a relatively childish demeanour, prefers to role-play when around the adventurers, and is prone to odd tricks such as producing a giant boot as a distraction. Mr. Rodriguez once claimed that they were sent by the "Spooooky Wizard who lives by the Coast." They have appeared several times, once to drag away the "Squid Thingy" (or Mind Flayer), and once when Vaarsuvius called them out against Zz'dtri for being a copyright infringement on Drizzt Do'Urden. They are also seen threatening the bandit clan leader with a restraining order after being captured as "universally despised"

Mr. Jones appeared at Belkar's request, claiming that Miko's use of Detect Evil "clearly constitutes an illegal search" employing "harmful radiation" (on the basis that many of the creatures Miko has scanned are currently dead, and that the scan is blocked by a lead sheet in a manner consistent with the properties of ionizing radiation). Miko's horse Windstriker then attempted to hire Mr. Rodriguez to put a restraining order on Belkar, but Belkar simply informed Mr. Rodriguez that he was of Chaotic alignment and chased him out of the stables (Windstriker having been returned to the Celestial Realms so Miko didn't have to pay for him as well). They were summoned to Azure City by Lord Shojo to act as the prosecution at the Order's trial on the charge of 'weakening the fabric of the universe', though they lost the case due to the whole thing being a sham perpetrated by Shojo and Eugene Greenhilt. Due to Jones' skill at converting trial transcripts, his record is 5-0 while Mr. Rodriguez shoulders the defeats at 0-147. In comic 805, the flumphs switched places with the lawyers, ending with Haley falling on the lawyers, and the flumphs in court.

Apart from the six members of the Order of the Stick themselves, Mr. Jones and Mr. Rodriguez are the only named characters from the webcomic version of The Order of the Stick to appear in the Dragon Magazine OOTS comics, appearing in the first panel of the comic that ran in Dragon #351.

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