The Grand Fighter
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 497
Date published 22 October 2007
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"Responsible" "Gone Fishin'"
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Roy meets his grandfather.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy is helping Eric Greenhilt complete a masterpiece block castle.
Sara Greenhilt: Eric! Roy! Playtime is over for now.
Sara: Roy’s Archon and I talked to a few people, since you said you won’t be staying long. You have a visitor in the hallway.

Panel 2 

Roy: A visitor?
Sara: Don’t make me repeat myself, young man.
Sara: He came all the way back from the third level of the mountain to see you, so you be nice. 

Panel 3

Eric Greenhiltgrampa!!!
Roy: …Grandfather?
Horace Greenhilt: So I’ve been told, though I was long in my grave before either of you were more than a gleam in my boy Eugene’s eye.
Horace: Frankly, I’m still surprised that he liked girls.

Panel 4

Horace: Horace Greenhilt.
Horace: You must be Roy.
Roy: Oh man! I—Mom told me all about your adventures when I was growing up!

Panel 5

Roy: Like when you rescued Princess Damsel from the clutches of the red dragon of Reddragonsville!
Horace: Heh heh, good times.
Horace: But just between you and me, beating the green dragon of Reddragonsville was a LOT harder.

Panel 6

Roy: I’m a fighter now, too. I tried to follow in your footsteps.
Horace: I know, Sara told me last time I visited Eric and her.
Sara: *sniff* This is so nice, for us to all be together. I’m so—

Panel 7

Three adventurers appear with a "pop!"
  Evil Cleric: PLANE SHIFT!!
Roy: What the—?
Evil Drow: Bwa ha ha!
Evil Fighter: Let’s earn some XP!

Panel 8

Horace slashes the evil cleric across the face with the Greenhilt Sword, "schlash!", killing him instantly, while Roy's Archon shines his Light Ray at the drow, "bzzzzzz!", blinding her.

Panel 9

Roy: Wait, I’m so confused. Can I even BE killed in this form?
Evil Fighter: Beats me. Let’s find out together.

Panel 10

Horace: ROY! Heads up!
Horace tosses Roy the Greenhilt Sword.

Panel 11

Roy catches the sword while the fighter misses him.

Panel 12

Roy slashes twice, "quarter!", quartering his opponent.

Panel 13

Horace: Nice catch, kid. 
Roy: What—what was THAT all about?
Roy’s Archon: Evil adventuring party.
Horace: It happens.
Horace: C’mon, I’ll take you fishing.

D&D Triva Edit

  • Plane shift is a 5th level cleric spell (or 7th level wizard/sorcerer) that allows the caster and up to eight others to instantly travel from the Prime Material Plane to any other plane of existence.
  • Lantern Archons like Roy's Archon have a light ray attack that does 1d6 damage, overcoming any damage reduction.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of Horace Greenhilt, Roy's grandfather, and Eugene's father.

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