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The Gods Must be Busy
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 40
Date published 18 February 2004
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"Date with Destiny" "Just Take the AoO"
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Durkon contacts Thor for some spells. Thor, however, is quite busy...

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Thor approaches a village that is being attacked by the fire giant Surtur.
Thor: Stand true, loyal worshippers[sic]! I, Thor, come to defeat Surtur in your hour of need!
Surtur: Grrr!
Villager #1: Look! It's Thor!
Villager #2: Sweet!
Villager #3: Help us, Thor!
Villager #4: I'm scared!
Villager #5: Eeeeek!
The planetar's headset goes "ring! ring!"

Panel 2

Planetar (into headset): Hello? Yeah... yeah, he's right here. OK, hold on.
Planetar: Sir, there's a "Durkon Thundershield" on Line 2. he's asking for three Lesser Restorations.

Panel 3

Thor: Ach, let the machine get it. I'm busy here!
Planetar: We had to get rid of the machine, sir. Too many complaints about unintentional colon tumors.

Panel 4

Planetar: Uh huh. Yeah, uh huh. Sir, he says it is an emergency.

Panel 5

Thor: Fine! I'll talk to him. Geez.
Thor (into headset): Hello, Durkon. Yes, yes, praise me, can we get on with this? How many 1st level spells are you going to need today?
Villager #1: Praise Thor!
Villager #2: Hail Thor!
Surtur: ?

Panel 6

Surtur grabs several villagers while Thor is distracted on the phone.
Villager #1: What's he doing?
Villager #2: Thor has abandoned us!
Villager #3: Help us, Thor!
Villager #4: Aaaa!
Surtur: heh heh!
Thor (off-panel): Uh huh... and what do you want for the domain spell?

Panel 7

Surtur tosses a dozen villagers into his mouth.
Villager #1: The humanity!
Villager #2: Oh sweet apathetic gods!
Villager #3: Our lives meant nothing!
Villager #4: Mommy what's happening>
Thor (off-panel): What about 2nd level spells?
Thor (off-panel): And the domain slot?

Panel 8

Above Durkon's head, "DING!"
Durkon: Spells're ready!
Roy: Well it's about friggin' time.

D&D Context Edit

  • Divine spellcasters like Durkon must pray to their god in order to be granted their spells each day.
  • Lesser Restoration is a spell useful for removing negative effects and ability damage on allies.
  • Surtr is the god of Fire Giants in D&D.

Trivia Edit

  • This is Thor's first appearance.
  • This is Surtur's first appearance.
  • Like Eugene, Thor and Surtur have colored speech bubbles.
  • The title is a reference to the film The Gods Must Be Crazy.
  • "The Machine" referenced in this comic first appeared in #7, ThorPrayer.
  • This is the first comic which reveals Durkon's last name to be Thundershield.
  • In addition to being a D&D Monster, the original [Surtr] is from Norse mythology like Thor.

External Links Edit

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