The First Step is a Doozy
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 443
Date published 23 April 2007
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"We Can Do This the Easy Way..." "He's Dead, Jim"
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Roy falls to his death.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy falls, in a semi-conscious state.
Roy continues to fall.
Roy realizes what's happening.
Roy: GAH!!!
Roy: Wait, Roy—concentrate. You're an adventurer, you can weasel your way out of this.
Roy: OK, so, if V or Durkon had any spells that could help AND were paying attention, they would have already cast them by now.
Roy: You're way out of range for a Feather Fall anyway.
Roy throws a badger, a beaver, a mouse, and a cat from his Bag of Tricks. "pop! pop! pop! pop!"
Roy: C'mon... if this thing can accidentally summon a rhino, there's got to be a giant eagle in there, right?
Roy peeks into the empty bag.
Roy: *sigh*
Roy: Out of critters.
Roy: I don't think I'd be so annoyed if I felt like I slowed him down, but I don't.
Roy: Hey Dad, FYI, you might want to mention Meteor Swarms to Julia!
Roy: Do I have any potions that would help?
Roy: Delay Poison? Shillelagh oil? Why do I even have these??
Roy: I mean, if I had any healing potions left, I could drink one and hope for minimal falling damage, but I drank the last one after I took those arrows for Elan.
Roy: You know, part of me wants to be mad at him for this somehow, but really, at this point, why bother?
Roy: I hope him and Haley get out of this mess alive and go live happily ever—
Roy: WAIT!!
Roy pulls out Celia's talisman.
Roy: Celia's talisman!
Roy: All I have to do is break it to summon her, and she can fly, fly, fly me away! Ha ha!
Roy strains to break the talisman.
Roy: Hnnnnnnnn!
Roy: Huh. That's harder to break than I would have expected.
Roy: Maybe if I—
Roy hits the ground with a "SPLAT!" and suffers enough fall damage to kill him instantly.

Panel 2

The Greenhilt Sword and the talisman hit the ground next to his corpse. "thunk!"

D&D Context Edit

  • Even accounting for the questionable color of Roy's Bag of Tricks, there is no option for a giant eagle.
  • Potions of Delay Poison have the same effect as the 2nd level spell, delaying the onset of any poisons.
  • Shillelagh Oil has the same effect as the 1st level spell, turning any club into a magical weapon.
  • Falling damage is 1d6 of damage per 10 feet fallen, to a maximum of 20d6 (average = 70 damage).

Trivia Edit

  • The Bag of Tricks accidentally summoned a rhino in Don't Question the Color of the Bag.
  • This comic is one long panel until Roy hits the ground.
  • This is the only other appearace of the Bag of Tricks Cat.
  • The reason Roy was unable to open Celia's talisman is mentioned in The Summons, where Celia reveals that it requires electricity to break it.
  • Following his death in this comic, Roy won't be restored to life until In the Flesh, 225 strips from now.

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