The Duel Everyone's Been Waiting For
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 780
Date published 11 March 2011
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Terrible, horrible, grisly, no good, very bad blood sport deathmatch between... Mr. Scruffy... and a 1st level Commoner

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

One of the guards hands a dagger to Belkar, while the other hands a scimitar to Eviceratus.
Guard: Here's your weapon, halfling.
Belkar: Just one? Are you going through some sort of crippling rusty blade shortage around here?

Panel 2

Elan: Oh my gods! Haley, look, it's—
Haley: A halfling we've never seen before.
Elan: Well, I hope that halfling we've never seen before can stay safe and we can meet up with him later to finish our quest together.
Haley: *sigh*

Panel 3

Belkar: Wait—Are you sure I'm allowed to kill this guy?
Evisceratus: Only if you can beat me!

Panel 4

Mr. Scruffy is pulling on his string, meowing incessantly.
Mr. Scruffy: Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!
Blackwing: Vaarsuvius, I think the cat thinks the arena is a giant litter box.
Vaarsuvius isn't paying attention.
Blackwing: Vaarsuvius!

Panel 5

Belkar: Because normally, when I kill people, everyone gets bent out of shape about it.
Belkar blocks Eviceratus's strike with a "clang!", without even looking.
Evisceratus: Come on, fight!

Panel 6

Belkar: And I don't think any of us wants to go through a whole 'nother, "Belkar sorta gets punished, but not really," subplot, you know?
Belkar backflips, causing Eviceratus's swing to miss with a "woosh!"
Evisceratus: Stand still, damn you, and fight!

Panel 7

The string holding Mr. Scruffy finally snaps, "snap!"
Blackwing: Uh oh.
Mr. Scruffy: <large>Meow!</large>

Panel 8

Mr. Scruffy jumps down into the arena...

Panel 9

Then springs past Belkar and Evisceratus, and leaves a scratch across Evisceratus's midsection with a "schash!"

Panel 10

Evisceratus: That was weird.
Evisceratus: Anyway, let's finish this fi—

Panel 11

Evisceratus's intestines fall out of his stomach, "splop!"
Evisceratus: —ght.

Panel 12

Evisceratus begins to fall.
Evisceratus: Damn it... I was only 10 XP away...
Evisceratus: ...from my second level of Commoner.

Panel 13

Evisceratus drops dead, and Belkar walks away.

D&D Context Edit

  • Commoner is an NPC class, which are weaker than PC classes. Even for NPC classes Commoner is weak, with only 1d4 hit points at first level, he could be killed by a cat scratch. It takes 1000 Experience Points (XP) to reach 2nd level, so Evisceratus was 99% of the way to 2nd level.

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