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That's Just Mean
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 70
Date published 16 May 2004
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"Hey, It Was Worth a Shot" "Career Girl"
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The sylph Celia is revived, and again subjected to Nale's malice.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Haley: V, isn't this the chick who was guarding the Air Sigil?
Vaarsuvius: Indeed, I believe it is.
Roy: Funny, I don't remember anyone like her guarding the Earth Sigil.
Nale: Heh heh.
Thog: ha ha! *snort*

Panel 2

Vaarsuvius: I would guess the drow petrified her while our backs were turned.
Roy: Can you change her back?
Vaarsuvius: No, I do not possess the proper spell.

Panel 3

Nale: What a shame, the Good Guys can't rescue the sylph.
Thog: ha ha! they not have scroll!

Panel 4

Roy: Scroll?
Nale: Shut. Up.
Thog: ha! stupid talky man not have scroll nale has! ha ha!

Panel 5

Roy: Let's see about that. Haley?
Haley: One Search check, coming right up.
Nale: Hey! Back off! That tickles!

Panel 6

Haley: Got it! Looks like a scroll of Break Enchantment.
Roy: If Nale wanted this sylph silenced, then I want to hear what she has to say. Vaarsuvius?

Panel 7

Vaarsuvius: Break Enchantment!
Celia turns back to life.
Celia: GAH!
Vaarsuvius: Oops.

Panel 8

Celia: Ow! What... what the hell happened?
Vaarsuvius: You were transmuted to stone—
Nale: For a thousand years!

Panel 9

Celia: WHAT??
Nale: Yup. Every person you ever loved is long since dead.

Panel 10

Celia falls to her knees, crying.
Celia: No!! I never got the chance to tell—
Nale: Nah, I'm just screwing with you, it's only been like an hour, tops.

Panel 11

Celia jumps into the air and casts lightning at Nale and Thog.
Thog: AAAAAARGH! thog hurt!
Nale: Totally worth it.

D&D Context Edit

  • Search is a skill that helps searching through rooms or people.
  • Break Enchantment is a spell that removes enchantments and curses from characters.

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