Talking Down
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 241
Date published 4 November 2005
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"Next on Fox: When Whores Attack!" "Chekov's Law Realized"
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Roy calls the assassin's bluff, and Belkar reappears with disastrous results.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy lands gently on the ground.

Panel 2

Redaxe is holding a torch near a barrel of explosives.
Redaxe: Stay back, missy!
Redaxe: Drop those fine dwarven weapons an' surrender.
Redaxe: Me buddy an' I are gettin' away, an' if'n ye take one more step towards us, I be blowin' this whole inn sky-high.

Panel 3

Roy: ...
Roy: You're bluffing.
Redaxe: What? I am not! I mean it, I'll kill everyone!
Roy: No, you won't. Call it woman's intuition.

Panel 4

Roy: If you were willing to have that much innocent blood on your hands, you would have just used your explosives to blow up my—uh, the king's room in the first place. But you didn't.

Panel 5

Roy: Not only did you put yourself and your partner in greater danger by attacking personally, but you let the kid and I go because we weren't your intended target.
Roy: So no, I don't think you're about to destroy the inn and kill all those people.

Panel 6

Roy: Go ahead and blow up the inn, I'm not stopping you. But I don't think that's the kind of man you are.
Redaxe: Stay back, woman!
Roy: No.

Panel 7

The dwarf hesitates.

Panel 8

Redaxe: Aye, ye got me dead ta rights, lass. I were bluffin'. Thar's no way I would ever hurt all those—

Panel 9

Belkar runs past chasing Phil Rodriguez and knocks the Redaxe flying, "WHUMP!". He drops his torch which lands on the fuse of the T.N.T. barrel, lighting it.

Trivia Edit

  • Belkar began chasing Phil Rodriguez in #230.

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