Sword Envy
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 308
Date published 21 April 2006
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"Take the Problem By the Hand" "My Dinner with Elan"
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Roy and Durkon wonder what might have gotten Celia's attention.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: ...a little heavier than it used to be, but it actually swings easier. I think the blacksmith weighted it to my exact height and...
Roy slashes air with his sword.

Panel 2

Roy: ...still trying to get it to exhibit that energy effect she mentioned, but so far I've...
Roy swings his sword downward.

Panel 3

Roy: ...which only means that I've managed to—
Roy swings his sword upward.
Durkon is nearly hit.
Durkon: THOR'S TAINT, man, will ye stop swingin' the sword around??

Panel 4

Roy stops swinging his sword.
Durkon: Geez, you've been goin' on aboot gettin' yer sword back fer tha last half hour! I get it, yer happy!

Panel 5

Roy: What's so wrong about that?
Durkon: What's wrong is that ye weren't this excited when I turned ye back into a man! It ain't right.

Panel 6

Roy: Well, I did feel somewhat... diminished... without my sword.
Durkon: Oh fer... Lad, it's just a weapon.

Panel 7

Durkon: Contrary ta popular belief, carryin' a big phallic sword does na actually make ye any more masculine or attractive ta women.

Panel 8

Celia: Hey guys. Roy, do you have a moment?

Panel 9

Celia: I was wondering, since we're both leaving tomorrow morning, whether you'd like to have dinner with me tonight.
Celia: I got a reservation for two at one of the nicer places.

Panel 10

Roy: Um, sure.
Celia: OK, then. Meet you here in the lobby in half an hour.
Celia: Wear something nice.

Panel 11

Roy and Durkon stare at the sword.

Panel 12

Roy and Durkon: Naaaaaaah....

Trivia Edit

  • The title of the strip is a play on Sigmund Freud's theory of penis envy.

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