Sunken Valley
Ruler Oracle
Religions Church of Tiamat
Exports Prophesy

Inhabitants of the Sunken Valley
Settlements in the Sunken Valley

Sunken Valley is a valley in the Southern Mountains, located a few days southeast of Azure City. It is surrounded by the Southern Mountains to the north, the Concave Mountains to the south, and the Depressed Hills to the southwest. The Valley River flows through the valley.[1] It is the home of the Oracle.

In 1184, the Oracle founded a small village of kobolds in the valley next to his tower, called Lickmyorangeballshalfling. The village was founded for the sole purpose of causing the Greater Mark of Justice placed on Belkar by Shojo to be triggered when the halfling killed the Oracle.

To enter the valley, one has to pass through three tests: Body, Mind and Heart.

Test of the Body
A combat against some sort of tough monster; such as a hydra and a butterscotch golem were used.
Test of the Mind
At a crossroads there are 2 people, one who always tells the truth and one who always lies.
Test of the Heart
A blood pressure check to see if the visitors will have a heart attack and end up suing the Oracle.

References Edit

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