Studying Up
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1045
Date published 19 July 2016
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"Mountain Passes" "Literally Heartless"
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Roy studies a weapons manual and begins to unlock the secrets of the Greenhilt Sword. Eugene appears for a visit.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Below decks on the Mechane, Roy sits cross-legged in a cargo hold reading from a book and holding Greenhilt.

Panel 2

Close-up of the book. The text reads:

Unlocking your Weapon's advanced potential [requires you]
mastering the process of unleashing its basic powers. To
start, focus your mind and feel the emotions that you were
experiencing when you Weapon first awoke. With practice,
you should be able to invoke its core abilities, after which
you can begin to use your Will to further shape the energy
that flows within you and your Weapon with the goal of
eventually calling forth tactically helpful magical effects.

Below the text are three diagrams of sword exercises.

Panel 3

Roy stares at the sword, gritting his teeth and sweating. The sword quivers.

Panel 4

The sword erupts with green flame, engulfing the blade most brightly, but also surrounding Roy.

Panel 5

Still surrounded by flame, Roy gets to his feet.
Roy: OK, now this is progress.
Roy: But what I really need is a ranged attack.

Panel 6

Roy: Ranged attack, ranged attack, ranged attack—
Roy: Ranged attack

Panel 7

Still wreathed in flame, Roy stands in a dynamic posture pointing Greenhilt at a target drawn on a bulkhead. Nothing happens.

Panel 8

Roy: Com on! Shoot! Zap! Burn!
Roy: Green fire blast, go!
Roy: By the power of Greenhilt!

Panel 9

Roy: Hunh. Guess that would've been too easy.
Roy: I should probably try a few of these exercises...

Panel 10

Eugene (off-panel): You know, last time I interrupted you sitting alone in the dark trying to figure out how your sword works—

Panel 11

Eugene: —your mother made me install a lock on the bathroom door the next day.

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