Starshine Family

Current Head

Ian Starshine

Notable Members

Ian Starshine
Mia Starshine
Haley Starshine



Starshine is the surname of a family of human origin from Greysky City.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Ian Starshine: Husband of Mia, father of Haley and brother of Ivy. Known for having contacts with the Greysky City Thieves' Guild, with whom he arranged special permission to have his daughter trained by them. Was imprisoned in Tyrinaria, later the Empire of Blood in the Western Continent in an attempt to overthrow the regime of General Tarquin. Currently allied with former Captain Amun-Zora of the Free City of Doom to overthrow Tarquin.
  • Mia Starshine: Wife of Ian and mother of Haley. Was murdered by an archer when Haley was at a young age and asked her husband and child to "be better" than Greysky City.
  • Haley Starshine: Sole child of Ian and Mia. Current second-in-command of the Order of the Stick, and is in a relationship with the party bard, Elan.
  • Ivy (born Ivy Starshine): Sister of Ian, wife of Geoff, mother of Jiminy and aunt of Haley. She and her husband were forced by Bozzok to arrange her brother's incarceration in the Empire of Blood, then Tyrinaria to ensure the safety of her son Jiminy who wanted to leave the Greysky City Thieves' Guild. Convincing him to come to Tyrinaria to help the revolutions, Ian and Geoff were purposely imprisoned in the Empire of Blood on Bozzok's behalf while Ivy snuck in meals for them. Ian would remain imprisoned for three years until he was freed by his daughter and her allies. Her current status following Ian and Geoff's escape is unknown.
  • Geoff: A member of the extended family, Geoff is the husband of Ivy, father of Jiminym brother-in-law to Ian and Mia and uncle to Haley. In exchange with letting his son leave the Greysky City Thieves' Guild, he and his wife aided Bozzok with getting Ian away from Greysky City. Luring him to the Western Continent with the pretext of helping the revolutions, he and Ian were held in the prisons of the Empire of Blood, then Tyrinaria, for nearly three years, selling him out whenever they managed to escape. His status after Ian joined Amun-Zora's revolution is unknown.
  • Jiminy: Son of Geoff and Ivy, nephew to Ian and Mia, cousin of Haley. The owner of the Polearm Emporium, he was a former member of the Greysky City Thieves' Guild until his parents arranged for him to be able to leave. He currently owns the Polearm Emporium in a village near the Redmountain Hills, though the services he provided Roy Greenhilt during the time the Order passed through the village were less than useful.
  • Sheila: Haley's cousin, parents unknown. She may have framed Haley for murder.
The Starshine Family
Ian StarshineMia StarshineHaley StarshineIvyGeoffJiminySheila

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