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Mind Flayer

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Lawful Evil

Squid Thingy was an illithid named by Elan. Illithids are also known as Mind Flayers. This creature dwelt in a secret room within The Dungeon of Dorukan. "Squid Thingy" was featured in comics 30-32, and #31 featured a "see what the illithid is thinking" series of panels where it relates the brains of the members of the Order to a bowl of oatmeal (Durkon), an ice cream parfait (Haley), a spicy taco (Belkar), a Diet Coke (Elan), a large hamburger (Vaarsuvius), and a roast turkey (Roy). Squid Thingy last appeared getting dragged away by Mr. Jones and Mr. Rodriguez for copyright reasons.

30, 31, 32