Spanner in the Works
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1062
Date published 9 January 2017
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"Hangers On" "No Turn Signal"
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Andi mutinies.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Felix: Get off! Get off our ship!
Felix: Go!!

Panel 2

Bearded Frost Giant falls off the Mechane.

Panel 3

Andi: Will you listen to me? You're going to get us all killed!!
Bandana: I did listen to you, Andi. I just decided elsewise.

Panel 4

Andi: You stubborn little brat, why won't you ever just do what I tell you?!?
Bandana: I ain't got time for that now!
Bandana: Starboard—skim that mountain if you can.
Mateo: I'll try, but she's—nnh!—handling real sluggish.

Panel 5

Andi: Of course she's sluggish!
Andi: The propellers are probably bent, there's damage to the ventral fins and we're venting gas!
Andi: The ship is falling apart, and Little Miss Junior Captain here—

Panel 6

Bandana: Then fix something!
Bandana: That's your dang job around here, ain't it?
Bandana: If you spent half the time patching that you spent complaining, we'd have two whole ships by the end of the pass!

Panel 7

Bandana: Now get off my back and see if you can get one of those control fins unstuck or some—

Panel 8

Andi smacks Bandana in the back of the head with her wrench with a loud "WONK!".

Panel 9

Bandana hits her jaw on the the rail with a "THUNK.".

Panel 10

The crew, Andi included, looks at the scene in shock. Bandana's eyes are hidden by the rail.

Panel 11

Andi: Turn off the pass! NOW!
Mateo: Aye, aye, Captain.

D&D Context Edit

  • Although it's not clear from this strip, Bandana is unconscious, not dead. To achieve this, Andi would have suffered a -4 penalty to her attack with the spanner in order to deal non-leathal damage , in addition to bonuses for surprise, flat-footed, and depending on her class, possibly a sneak attack.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of the Ozzie, the bald crewman with mustache and goatee and wearing an apron. He is unnamed at this point, getting his first named reference in #1076.
  • This the final appearance of the frost giant with axe and beard, one of the three boarders who first appeared in #1059.

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