Hobgoblin City in the Southern Mountains
Southern Mountains
Races Hobgoblins

The Southern Mountains are a mountain rainge in the north of the Southern Continent. They extend from Greysky City (regarded as being the southernmost part of the Northern Continent), south along the eastern sea, eventually turning west to Blueriver Fort on the Blue River and extending into the Cyan Peninsula to Road Valley, Azure City and Cobalt Bay. The southern range of the mountains extends to the Concave Mountains and Depressed Hills where they form the Sunken Valley.

Bodies of water in the mountains include the Blue River, Mountain River and Gorge Ravine.

In the northern part of the Southern mountains, south of Greysky, Xykon kept a back-up fortress. The valley had been abandoned thirty years ago and had been settled by Hobgoblins in the interim. The fortress itself had been sanctified by the forces of Good (who were subsequently zombified) and is only reachable via the Perilous Path of Crushing Doom

XykonRedcloak and The Monster In The Darkness relocated to the valley after the destruction of The Dungeon of Dorukan, where Xykon decided to enlist the hobgoblins as flunkies. Redcloak began the rituals to become an honorary hobgoblin so he could ultimately become their leader, but to speed things up he instead just killed the Hobgoblin he presumed was the leader. The actual leader didn't contradict him. This caused the entire population of hobogoblins in the mountains, including legions totaling 30,000 soldiers, to come under Team Evil's control. They led the army through the mountains on the Azure City Campaign.

Earlier in his career, O-Chul fought the hobgoblins of Gorge Ravine.

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