Sound Reasoning
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1033
Date published 14 April 2016
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"Other Times, Not So Much" "Always a Good Rule of Thumb"
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The paladins take cover as they are attacked by Oona and Lancer.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Lien: Think about what we're doing: investigating Kraagor's Gate. Who expected that? That was, like, the first thing they told us not to do as members of the Sapphire Guard!

Panel 2

Lien: I tink they mentioned it before they actually explained what the Gates even were!
O-Chul: Do you... hear a ringing noise?

Panel 3

Lien: Aaaaaaah!

Panel 4

Lien: Unnngh! What the heck was that?!?
O-Chul: Some kind of... sonic reptilian unicorn?
Lien: Fantastic. If I ever quit the paladins and start a punk rock band, at least now I have the perfect name for it.

Panel 5

O-Chul: It's circling back for another pass.
Lien: Take cover behind the ice!

Panel 6

Lien: The good news is, I bet this is someone new, not related to Xykon.
O-Chul: Because why would the number of people trying to kill us stay level when it could increase?
Lien: Now you're catching on!

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