Soul-Muncher is Tarquin's intelligent magical battle axe. Tarquin is first shown using the weapon during his early days of conquest in the Western Continent when Nale was a small child.[1] It's name is only given in bonus material included in the print edition of Blood Runs in the Family; it was never named in the web comic. It has not outwardly displayed any personality, despite Tarquin's claim of it being an intelligent weapon.

Soul-Muncher 1
Tarquin brought it out of storage[2] when he joined the Linear Guild. He used it skillfully in the battle against the Order of the Stick.[3] However, he was forced to throw it to stop Belkar from killing Nale in Girard's Pyramid, and ended up leaving it behind when Zz'dtri teleported him out. It may have been destroyed when Girard's Gate exploded and destroyed the pyramid, though its final fate is unknown.


The weapon is made of a black metal, with red runes carved into the blade, though the runes are absent in its early appearances. Its name suggests that it is capable of feeding on the souls of its victims, and this together with the red runes suggests it is possibly an homage to Stormbringer and Mournblade, the soul-consuming swords of Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melniboné stories. Elric himself made a cameo appearance in On the Origin of PCs.[4]



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