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Soon scribble
Soon Kim
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Soon Kim was a Paladin member of the Order of the Scribble, a group dedicated to sealing the rifts created in the Snarl's prison.

66 years ago, he and his wife Mijung investigated a strange planar rift in the Elven Lands while on a diplomatic mission. Mijung is killed by the Snarl. Because of the Snarl's divine nature, her soul is destroyed, making resurrection or afterlife impossible. Soon meets up with Lirian the Elf Druid and resolve to investigate the rifts.

Soon and Lirian have been accompanied by Serini Toormuck, Girard Draketooth, Kraagor and finally Dorukan. The party discover five rifts throughout the planet, and deduce their divine nature. Dorukan and Lirian build gates to keep the rifts permanently sealed, becoming romantically involved as they do.

After the Order disbanded Soon Kim chose the rift in the south to guard. This was the smallest of the 5 rifts; so small Soon and The Sapphire Guard were capable of using a single gemstone to seal it. A throne was built to guard the stone, and a castle was built to protect it. After his death, he remained there as an oathspirit to guard his Gate.


Soon as an oathspirit.

Battle of Azure CityEdit

Arise my children.
Only the honor of a paladin is unbreakable-
-even by death itself.
Ghost-martyrs of the Sapphire Guard - ATTACK!
  — Soon Kim  

During the Battle of Azure City, Soon's spirit returned with an army of dead paladins against Xykon who broke in the throne room. Soon was on the verge of killing both Xykon and Redcloak, but right then, Miko entered and destroyed the Gate, not knowing that the battle was over. This resulted in a devastating explosion. Since the Gate was no more to be guarded, Soon's spirit lost it's anchor and went to the afterlife (presumably the Lawful Good afterlife corresponding to the Southern Gods, as opposed to the Northern Afterlife that Roy went to). He both comforted Miko and was honest with her as she died.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Paladin Abilities: Having been a Paladin for most of his life and the founder of the Sapphire Guard, Soon Kim was a very powerful Paladin by the time of his death.
    • Smite Evil: As a Paladin, Soon Kim was entitled to the Smite Evil power. As a high-level paladin, his own smite was much more powerful than normal, and it was used to devastating effect during the Battle of Azure City against Xykon and Redcloak, the oathspirit being the one who came the closest to defeating them before the interference of Miko Miyazaki.
    • Aura of Courage: As a Paladin, Soon Kim was immune to fear, even when he was facing down the Snarl itself through one of the rifts.
  • Flight: As an oathspirit, he was capable of flying on his own power during the Battle of Azure City.
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