Soon's Gate is the snarl rift guarded by the Paladin Soon Kim of the Order of the Scribble in Azure City. Soon protected it by the sheer fortress of the city, and with the aid of his honorable paladins, the Sapphire Guard.

History Edit

The Order of the Scribble found the rift in the sky above Azure City. The rift, however, was relatively tiny in comparison to the other Gates, and it was small enough for Dorukan and Lirian to seal it with a single sapphire. Due to this, moving the sapphire risked opening the rift. Later, the throne, the platform, and even the entire castle was built around the sapphire.[1] Soon believed that having the Gate in the same room where the Lord normally sits, it wouldn't be suspicious that it was so heavily guarded. Hinjo theorized that Soon liked the idea of the Lord being reminded of what was at stake every time he sat down.[1]

Rich Burlew has stated that the sapphire wasn't the gate itself, but rather a reinforcement to the complex spell that was the lock itself. The door was the rift itself, and it wasn't inside the gem, as the gem and Gate was translucent. The gemstone was also stated to be enchanted, and it was confirmed that the gem could have been moved, but there was still a risk in doing so.[2]

After the disbanding of the Order of the Scribble, Soon Kim headed to the Southern Continent for his rift, banding together the Sapphire Guard to guard and purge any threats to Azure City and the rift. He also named the Sapphire Guard after the sapphire that held the rift.[1]

Miko Soon's Gate

Miko destroys the Gate.

After the destruction of Dorukan's Gate, Xykon sought to get hold of it, starting the Battle of Azure City. Xykon later got into the throne room, and killed most of the Sapphire Guard with a single spell, Symbol of Insanity scribbled on a bouncy ball. Because of this, O-Chul attempted to destroy it in order to get it out of Xykon's hands, but Xykon managed to paralyze him before he could do so. Then Soon's oathspirit, which was to protect the Gate, summoned the ghosts of the dead paladin's and a fight erupted. Xykon and Redcloak were nearly defeated, when former Sapphire Guard Paladin Miko Miyazaki, who escaped from prison, entered the throne room. Not knowing that the Gate was now safe and the enemies soon to be defeated, ran to destroy the Gate so that it would not fall in their hands, using O-Chul's blade to slice the sapphire.


The explosion of the destruction.

The result was a huge explosion that destroyed a part of the castle.[3] This break allowed Xykon and Redcloak to get away since the ghost's were now no longer bound to the world as their oath was to protect the Gate. It also killed Miko Miyazaki, and the blast sent O-Chul to the Monster in the Darkness, in which they later made friendship.

The rift, as a result of not being sealed no more, grew giant in size.[4] A entire planet was visible if one peered close enough into the rift.[5]

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