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Son of Mail Call
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 259
Date published 21 December 2005
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"I Think That Violates the Geneva Convention" "The Prison Blues"
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Kadrog the Slayer reads the readers letters.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

A lone hobgoblin peeks on the panel

Panel 2

Two hobgoblins walk on to the panel.
Kodrog: So, uh, hello, readers of The Order of the Stick. My name is Kodrog the Slayer, and this is my buddy Jim.
Jim: Hey.

Panel 3

Kodrog: This was supposed to be the main characters answering your questions for the holidays, but they seem to be indisposed for the time being, and we were a more efficient stand-in than more Linear Guild.
Jim: Because we work cheap.
Kodrog: Right.

Panel 4

Kodrog: Anyway, so let's get to some reader's letters!
Jim holds up a letter:

Dear Haley,
Why don't you just
tell Elan how you
feel? You two would
be cute together.

Panel 5

Kodrog: Well, I can't really answer this question, but I can say with confidence that Haley is one smoking hot human chick.
Jim: Blech, you know, I can't get past the lack of fangs. She doesn't do it for me.

Panel 6

Kodrog: Are you kidding? I don't care how small her teeth are, I would totally hit that.
Jim: Only if your attack roll exceeded her Armor Class.
Kodrog: It's an expression, dumbass.
Jim: Oh.

Panel 7

Kodrog: Moving on...
Jim holds up another letter:

What is that thing
in the shadows that
hangs around with
the villains?

Panel 8

Kodrog: Ooo! I totally know the answer to this one!
Jim: Aw, man don't do this.

Panel 9

Kodrog: I got a good peek under the umbrella when we were in the tower. It turns out the thing in the darkness is actually—

Panel 10

The two hobgoblins are killed by a Lightning Bolt, "ZZZZAP!!"

Panel 11

Xykon and Redcloak stand next to Kadrog and Jim's bodies on the precipice overlooking the hobgoblin city.
Redcloak: Excellent timing, sir. You certainly prevented those two from revealing the dread truth!
Xykon: Prevented who from what now? I just wanted those giant cards to stop blocking my view.

D&D Context Edit

  • When you attack an opponent you make an attack roll. You hit if the roll is higher than their Armor Class.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the third comic in the line of "fan mail" comics (the others being Mail Call and The Return of Mail Call).
  • This is the only appearance of Kodrog the Slayer and Jim.

External Links Edit

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