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Comic no. 162
Date published 30 March 2005
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"Captives" "A Man, A Dwarf, and a Kitty"
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Roy tries to justify leaving Elan behind.

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Panel 1

Roy: So. Here I am. Camping all by myself.

Panel 2

Roy: It would be such a shame if my dearly departed father were to suddenly appear in ghost form and disrupt my sleep with some timely (if cryptic) advice.

Panel 3


Panel 4

Roy: Crap.

Panel 5

Roy: Well, I'm going to assume that you're listening anyway.
Roy: I mean, you took it upon yourself to eavesdrop on my date with Cindy Brakowski when I was in ninth grade, I don't know why you'd restrain yourself now.

Panel 6

Roy: So let's see, what's new...
Roy: Oh, right, I killed Xykon a few weeks ago. Not that you've shown up to thank me for completing your quest or anything.

Panel 7

Roy: Actually, it was kind of easy. Like, really depressingly easy. I mean, I trained and struggled my whole adult life for this battle, and that sad sack of bones went down faster than a kobold with a lung infection.
Roy: He didn't even remember you, Dad. The whole thing was vaguely...
Roy: ...unsatisfying.

Panel 8

Roy: I worked to fulfill your sworn oath, but now I feel cheated somehow. Like I've been wasting my time. And if my quest was a waste, what about everything else in my life?
Roy: What about being a fighter, was that a waste too? Why bother trying to be lawful all the time, if my whole life was just leading to one big anticlimax?

Panel 9

Roy: Oh I can hear what you're saying, Dad. "Oh, so you really became a fighter just because you wanted the glory, then?"
Roy: No, Dad, as usual, you've missed the point. I went to Fighter College because I wanted to help people. To protect the weak and—

Panel 10

Roy: The weak.
Roy: Oh gods. Elan!
Roy: Am I really so intent on wallowing in my own self-pity that I'm willing to cast a helpless innocent to those thieves?
Roy: What is wrong with me? I'm a disgrace to my alignment!

Panel 11

Roy: Well, that's going to change now. Thanks for setting me straight, Dad.
Roy: I'm gonna pack up my gear and go rescue Elan!

Panel 12

Durkon runs by, screaming, with his armor making clanking noises, "clank! clank! clank! clank! clank! clank! clank! clank!"

Panel 13

Roy: I'm gonna pack up my gear and go rescue the entire rest of the party!

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