Beauty products

The Sisterhood of ATON was a women-only guild of merchants in the Western Continent, although some consider them thieves and robbers.

They specialized on beauty products with competitive retail prices not found in a department store. They sold them themselves, set their own hours, without bosses.

New members of the Sisterhood pass several tests, like the Test of the Oscillating Doom, and then anointed on the forehead with a moisturizer by ylang-ylang flower (does good against the desert heart)


Haley was looking for a guild of thieves and robbers for the Draketooth Family and was directed to them by a "chick in a bar". They told her that they would tell her "what they know" and considered joining them.

She did pass the tests, but then she was surprised that they were not a Rogue Guild but they were infact a Merchant Guild hoping to sell her some products and furthermore, being unable to help Haley find Girard.

Before leaving, she ordered two jars of moisturizer, which later becomes useful as they lead Roy and Belkar to find Enor having Haley's moisturizer on his arm. They also bartered with her and gave her a free gift (considering that she would spend 18 more gold pieces).


  • The Sisterhood is a parody of Avon and other modern selling companies (usually of cosmetics) that make use of network marketing.