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Comic no. 112
Date published 18 October 2004
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"Inukchuk!" "Memories, Like the Edges of My Sword"
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Xykon gets some important information, and the tide of the battle turns.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Xykon: So, let me get this straight. Your father spent his entire life looking for me over a largely inconsequential killing?
Xykon: Magic Missile.
Roy: Yes! You killed his master, and he swore an oath to destroy you!

Panel 2

Xykon: And he was too much of a loser himself to get the job done before croaking, so now you, Loser Jr., have taken up the task?
Xykon: Magic Missile.
Roy: We'll see who the loser is when I'm wearing your teeth as a necklace

Panel 3

Xykon: Y'know, I've destroyed entire towns, and the most I got from the surviving families were a few snarky comments. You, sir, have a serious problem with overreaction.
Xykon: Also, Magic Missile.

Panel 4

Roy: Maybe, but there's only one more goblin between you and me, so lets have it out, one on one!
Xykon: Well, a duel seems hardly worth my effort...
Zit Boy (off-panel): Master Xykon!

Panel 5

Zit Boy: Master Xykon, Up here! I bring dire warnings!

Panel 6

Xykon: Who the hell is that?
Redcloak: The goblin child you bribed to try to capture one of the adventurers, sir.
Xykon: Oh, right. Well, fat chance he'll get his college recommendation from me now.
Xykon: Get your green ass down here if you've got something to say, kid!

Panel 7

Zit Boy lands on the floor hard. "eeeeeeeeeSPLAT!"

Panel 8

Zit Boy: Master... the human's sword... I overheard them... planning.
Zit Boy: Enchanted... one hit will utterly destroy you!

Panel 9

Xykon: Really? Hmmm. Nice trick.
Zit Boy: Thank you master...
Xykon: Good work, kid. If you survive the massive injuries you suffered in the fall, I might have a job for you.
Redcloak: I could just cast a healing spell on him, sir.
Xykon: Let's not go crazy, here.

Panel 10

Xykon: So, I see my last guard is dead, Mr. Redblade—
Roy: Greenhilt! GREEN! HILT!
Xykon: —whatever. You want a duel, you've got it.

Panel 11

Xykon: You ready?
Roy: I was born ready.
Xykon: Great. Me first.

Panel 12

Xykon casts a spell on Greenhilt. It sunders with a "shatter!"

D&D Context Edit

  • Shatter is a 2nd-level Sorcerer spell that breaks non-magical objects.
  • Magic Missile is a 1st-level Sorcerer spell that deals magic damage through missiles.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final appearance of "Zit Boy". He first appeared in #93.
  • Roy actually ends up wearing Xykon's crown as a necklace, not his teeth.

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