Served with a Side Order of Whoop-Ass
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 343
Date published 3 September 2006
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"Dangling the Bait" "A Walk in the Park"
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Roy's battle with Sabine is off to a bad start, as he's left feeling rather out of shape.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Julia: Enjoy the trip.
Sabine is seen creeping up behind Roy.
Roy: Huh? That doesn't make any—

Panel 2

Roy is bullrushed by Sabine, crashing a hole out of the faux panel boundary, "CRACK!"
Roy: GAH!

Panel 3

Roy flounders into the floor below, "whumpf!"
Roy: oof!

Panel 4

Sabine bodyslams Roy, "CRAACK!"
Roy: UNGH!
A malignant black aura beginning to form around Roy from the succubus' draining touch.

Panel 5

The black aura expands to consume Roy, Sabine licking her lips in delight.
Sabine: Mmmmm... Your life energy has a deep woodsy flavor, with just a hint of sage and no bitter aftertaste.

Panel 6

Sabine throws Roy clear into the air.
Sabine: Four stars! I'll have to recommend dining on you to all my fiendish friends.

Panel 7

Back on the upper level.
Julia: Hey loser! I see you're still leaving your stuff all over the place.
Julia: Catch!
Julia kicks the Greenhilt sword through the hole in the wall, "punt!", into the lower floor.

Panel 8

Back on the lower level, Roy, feeling exhausted, battered, and badly injured, reaches up to catch the sword, his senses dulled, and looking rather down in the dumps.

Panel 9

Roy: Hope you left room for dessert, bitch.
Sabine: Ah, but the main course is just getting started!
A black aura of negative energy forms around Sabine's hand in anticipation, as she looks good enough to do it all over again, feeling restored of health and being raised to her full potential.

Panel 10

Back on the higher level, Pompey looks to Julia, perplexed from the very educational experience.
Pompey: I don't get second, you're willing to let us kill him for an insult, the next, you're helping him get back into the fight.
Pompey: Sort of inconsistent for Lawful Good, aren't you?
Julia: Uh, hello, Roy's LG, not me.

Panel 11

Julia: I'm True Neutral. I go both ways.
Pompey: That is so hot.

D&D Context Edit

  • As per canonical D&D, a succubus has a level draining attack, as shown in the comic. It's energy drain effect is a common theme of game mechanic in games based on or inspired by D&D, such as NetHack (currently at version 3.6.0).

Trivia Edit

  • The joke in panel eleven is obviously referring to bisexuality.
  • This strip was labeled in the printed collection as "Served with a Side of Whoop-Ass" (the word "Order" was missing).

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